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Thursday, Nov. 15, 2007 @ 9:26 am
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Hey it was a good subject line for the spam I recieved a few days ago. Sounds like some kind of illegal Starbucks concoction for the most seriously caffiene adicted, if you ask me. I can think of a few people who'd probably be glad to try it.

I was supposed to go to the doctor at 8:30 this morning. At 20 to 8, the clinic calls to tell me my Dr. is out sick today. Luckily I was able to reschedule for later this afternoon, though that kind of puts a monkey wrench in the rest of my day. It also means afew more hours of wondering and worrying.

I have a stupid cyst on my neck. Its fairly small, and most likely benign as I've had those before and they usually go away on thier own, but this one is larger and doesnt' move. It also appears to be pressing on a nerve or something as my neck and lower back of my head have been low grade annoying for almost two weeks now.

However the kicker, which does have me a bit concerned is something a little more private and feminine. If you are a guy or just squemish about girly bits in general consider yourself warned. I won't be graffic, but you can figure it out. It seems one of my lady parts that is usually soft and flexible, has become enlarged, hard and painful, and no longer matches it partner on the other side. Since its not a cyst but an entire sort of body part, I am hoping it is something simple, I sure don't need anymore complications in my life right now.

On the brightside, I've been rescheduled with a female doctor. At least I'll be a lot more comfortable discussing woman issues. I love my doctor, he's a great doctor, but he's also an old guy, who reminds me alot of Milburn Stone {Doc on Gunsmoke for the television illiterate}.

It means alot of running around for me. Since I have a 10:15 family counciling session with Warren, then I have to do a few errands and some more housework, go to dr. appointment at 1:45, go back to DGBR to pick up Warren for short pass at 2:45, meet with Social worker at 3:15 and get Warren back at 4:30.

Knowing my son he's also going to want to go out to eat, probably for pizza or tacos, some places where vegetables means iceberg lettuce, and a couple sad tomatos.

The issues on my previous entry aren't really resolved. They do seem to be possibly improving, but in lieu of comming up roses, I do have enough fertilizer to grow the world's greatest rose garden.

It's shaping up to be an interesting day, as in somebody wished that I may live in interesting times.

As for the comment about not wanting a Brady Bunch kid, I do tend to agree. I don't want a stepford child, I just want a kid I can trust to stay home at night, do his homework and behave appropriately in school. Hell I'd be happy for a Danny Partridge. That doesn't make me a bad mom, it doesn't mean I don't love my son more than anything. It does mean I am overwhelmed and more than a tad jealous of those who don't realize how nice they have it. In other words, I'm human and I'm frustrated. Thank you so much for all your support, and kind words. It is so nice to know that people are thinking of me. The vibes are quite helpful.

I'm sorry for not being very comment-y lately. I've been so exhausted at night, I barely eat dinner and I'm ready for bed by 8 or 9 oclock. Still experimenting with drug dosages, so hopefully I'll resolve that soon also. But I have been trying to squeeze in some blog reading, so I still have an idea of what everybody is up to.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

I tend to be a bit of a slob, and am the opposite of a girly-girl. I am geek girl, who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, action movies, science fiction, action adventure, Dr. Who, and so on and so on.

I love to write and while I don't post much fiction online anymore I would love to be a writer someday. I am also overweight, bipolar and suffer from allergy induced asthma.