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thinking is dangerous

Sunday, Oct. 07, 2007 @ 9:23 pm
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Its a good thing I have all my body parts attached or there'd be pieces of me all over the place.

I went to Hornbacher's to mail off a package, and of course ended up buying a few other things, beforehand. After I paid for my stuff, I went to the courtesty counter to do my mailing. Afterwards I bent over picked up my sack o'stuff and left the store to go home.

Only when I got home, my wallet wasn't where I always put it when I am in my car. Naturally I freaked out. After a quick mental back trip and a lot of praying I realized I had to have left it on the counter when I left the store. Luckily I must have had some good karma, as the lady who originally waited on me, recognized me and it was indeed there.

I am so glad I dodged that one. My life is in that wallet. Not all of it, duh, but enough to make my life quite messy and inconvenient if I were to really loose it.

I had a great time with Warren today. I can't believe the difference. He's still my Warren, but now he's really my Warren, not that other kid I really didn't like so much. Okay he's not all there yet. He's still a bit of a turd head sometimes, but he is 14 and a certain amount of that comes with the hormones.

Lucky kid. Not only did he get me to bring him subs {love those gift certificates from work}, and raspberries, but he also got to go for a walk {really a car ride} with me for 30 minutes and he has his primary taking him to finally see Harry Potter at the cheap theatre. He's been waiting so long to see that movie. Of course he had to con me out of extra money {I knew I was being played, but he's done so good this week, so I let him think he pulled one. I'm not so dumb}.

After visting Warren I also did some shopping. Well sort of. Sundays are BO/GO days at the ARC thrift store. So got a bunch of stuff. A really nice coat. Its sort of a mock trench, but it looks really good on me. I also got a couple really nice long sleeve shirts, one funny t-shirt and another pair of pajamas.

Yesterday I spent hours shopping after work at both Target and Walmart, and ended up with barely anything. I did find another pair of workout pants, that were on clearance, and I finally found a good bra that fits fine. I had to try on about 500 to find it, but I did. I about died when I realized what size I wear now. I'm wearing a bra size I haven't worn since before Flashdance.

The only reason I went to Wally World is that I was so happy about my new bra, I forgot that I woke up with a relief map of Western Montana on my face. I had to run to Wal mart to try and find some zit Zappers. Apparently since I'm not about the same weight I was in middle school, my face is now having a second childhood as well. It seems to be looking better today, but its still nasty.

I've got a lot to think about right now anyway. This morning at Church {UU}, out speaker was a local young man, who happens to be one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. He's amazing. Works, goes to school {senior at NDSU}, is supporting several siblings and sponsering others, and working with a local filmaker about his story, and going back to his villiage. {he's also good friends with one of the guys who made the documentary God Grew Tired of Us}. Hearing about his life and what he saw and went thru as a kid, I am talking things that would shake up the most hardened of adults, just makes sone stop and think about what really is important. I am poor by American standards. Not dirt poor, I'm not starving, and I have rescources and family but still. Yet compared to how much of the world lives, even our poorest people are spoiled rotten by standards of may places in the world. That's saying a lot, I'm just not sure what. Some of the things I complain about, suddenly seem rather petty. Its not hard to figure out wny so much of the world both hates us and is an awe of us. We have a lot of power, but don't seem to have the resonsibility to handle it. We are a bunch of spoiled brats, most of whom have no appreciation for just how good we have it.

My great grandparents had to smuggle themslves out of Russia, away from the Russian govenment after the Germans were double crossed by the Russians. They like so many came here with practically nothing, They and millions like them are what built this country. Somehow I'm not sure if this is what they had in mind at the time. I guess I'm suddenly feeling like the priveledged kid who has no idea the whole world doesn't like like he does and takes all his luxeries for granted. Like he is better than everyone else, when in reality he's just damn lucky.

I just need to mull some things over I guess.

But for fun. I leave you with more word associations, {cause I'm lazy tonight }.

  1. Cluster ::
  2. fuck
  3. Announcement ::
  4. Wedding
  5. Respect ::
  6. Aretha Franklin
  7. Incident ::
  8. report
  9. Accordion ::
  10. Lawrence Welk {I would have said Oscar Palm, but nobody outside Western ND would have clue who he is}.
  11. Drunk ::
  12. Stupid Ex
  13. If ::
  14. Only
  15. Dexter ::
  16. Dee Dee
  17. Wedding ::
  18. Planner
  19. Gambling ::
  20. Kenny Rogers {The Gambler}


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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