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delightfully oppositional

Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2007 @ 7:04 pm
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Last night I was in one of those moods again. {I had a team meeting today with the Staff at DGBR, where Warren is}. I always dread those meetings, usually there is always something bad or unpleasant {I've been to way too many and have the scars to prove it}. So I did what any woman needing an ego boost would do. I went clothes shopping. {okay so that is also a great way to deflate and ego, my pants have been getting loose since I've been pumping iron and I wanted to see how loose}.

I am the only one who is frustrated by the lack of size standards in women's clothing. With men's pants its easy, you have a waist and an inseam. With women, who knows. I'm an 8 in one brand and a 12 in another. Some brans I can wear a s/m others I am still a large. Would it hurt to have some sort of standard, or a measurement system.

But anyway back to topic. I tried on about 5 gazillion items and was pleasantly suprised to find out there is a brand of capri style work out pants that not only fit me in a size 8 {most 8 were too small, I'm mainly still a 10} but they actually looked good on me. I looked so slim in them I had to have them. I won't talk about the jeans that insist on hitting me at the hipbone. Is it that hard to find jeans that hit the waist AT the waist. Or I am just hopelessly old.

I can't seem to find bra's to save my life any more. DD's are too big, but D's seem to leave me with spillige or mini side boobs. I know DD's are too big as I have room for another set of mini boobs in them. Maybe its just cause the weight loss has left a lot of me looking like a bodybuilder who was seriously deflated, but still has all the skin that has nothing in it anymore. I look great in clothes, but with out them, yuck..its like all the air was let out of my tires. I did finally find one sports type bra, but it squishes more than anything. I think I may have to save up and go to a real langerie store where I can be professionally fitted. I can't seem to find a bra that works anymore.

But I can wear a gorgeous pair of size 8 capri's {even though they are stretchy and maybe missized, I prefer to think positive}.

Despite my misgivings and fears, today meeting actually went pretty good. Schools only been in session for about a month or so but my son is pulling in all A's and B's. They are seeing what anyone who spends time with him can tell. He is extremely intelligent, but unless motivated {in this case, late work means no field trips, video games or other fun stuff, things hard to enforce at home when I have to work and can't supervise him}. Plus I think he really wants to get out of there. So I'll see how he's doing when he's been there awhile.

He's had some issues and still likes to argue {or in his words, converstate/discuss/ask why a 1000 different ways} everything, but he is working on it. Like his dad he still tends to minimize things {nobody got hurt so what's the big deal} and blame others for his problems, but he seems to be at least somewhat aware of it.

Finally somebody see's that he can be a delightful handful. {delightfully oppositional is how he's been described several times. That is so my boy}. {and also mentioned a few times, that he sounds a lot like his dad, though I also have a debate gene, I'm just better at controlling mine in social situations where arguing would be a bad idea}.

He actually behaved at today's meeting and had people laughing. So we'll see how long until the other shoe drops.

I was excited and so happy when I left, there. But I've travelled this road before. I want to be happy and celebrate, but a part of me knows it could all fall apart in a blink of an eye. I've had this balloon sail by many times and sooner or later something always puts a hole in it and lets all the air out.

I'm going to be happy for now. We start family/group therapy tommorrow. From there we can work on off site passes and my taking him to UU with me {they have an awseome youth program I know he would love, much better than the church program they have at DGBR}

But I do feel better, my son is showing that maybe I did teach him something after all. His verbal abilites are off the chart {and always have been. I have a tendency to think outloud, so I naturally talked to him all the time long before he could talk back. His dad is also quite the "used care salesman"}. He is extremely intelligent and science minded {this is the kid who at age 10 after seeing it done once, could repair my alternator belt issues on my van faster and better than the trained mechanic he watched. And his repairs lasted longer. The kid who puts electronics together with out instructins, because he rarely needs them}.

He's finally developed an iinterest in reading, though outside of Harry Potter we have very litte book taste in common, as most of his books revolve around cars, mechanics, hotrodding and any other subject involving wheels and engines that go vroom. I knew he was special when he was born.

He came in to the world willing to argue an opinion long before he had the words to do it. When he was a baby he would refuse to sleep unless I put in on his stomach. I finally relented despite the sids risk simeply out of exhaustion, as I couldn' tgo another month of only sleeping in 20 minute increments. As soon as I did he would sleep for 3 or more hours straight. When I tried to go back to back or side sleeping. Bam, sorry not gonna do it mom. The kid who refused to be potty trained adn wore pull ups till he was four. and one day told me hhe was going to poop in the potty, did it and never needed a pull up again.

The boy who could walk completely unassisted by 10 months old. Who seemingly overnight went from one or two word utterances to coomplete paragraphs and whose first words were car-car and mokyle {his word for motorcycle, the IDIOT used to ride}.

This is the boy who would argue for over an hour instead of doing an assingment that would take 15 minutes tops, and that he could easily do if he wanted to, but who would rather draw pictures of cars, trucks, boats, buildings anything he can design, instead of his school work. {and he is good. One of these days I'll post some bragging pictures}.

The kid with a wild sense of humor and his moms love of word plays and puns. Who loves a good Groucho comedy as much as I do. He loves the Stooges as well {don't get it}, but also is great at word humor, comming up with puns you would never think of. {leave me alone.. how much would you like. .ba dump bump}

Delightfully oppositional, pretty much describes my son., it also pretty much describes many of my moods.


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