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America,: Land of the confused, home of the totally bewildered

Friday, May. 11, 2007 @ 8:38 pm
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I think there must be something in the gas besides gas. I don't just mean the higher prices, but something is causing people around here to loose thier minds, and car exhaust seems to me a pretty sneaky way to poison a large group of unsuspecting people (I mean more so than we already are)

I stopped in Wally World tonight to returns yesterdays afore mentioned sports bra as the uniboob look really isn't me. Afterwards I went to pick up a few other needed, items (mouthwash, face mask, home manicure suppliesk, you know the essentials), while I was in the hair care aisle some Asian woman (an employee yet) was helping a bunch of hispanic people decide on a hair color product for the lone female of the group. I was looking at hair items minding my own business, but eavesdropping none the less, as I love overhearing other peoples conversations.

I turned away from my cart for a moment to look at something when the Asian lady made eye contact and grabbed my hand leading me of to a corner. Where she whispered to me

Don't leave your wallet, there are foreigners everywhere

I was stunnded. I finally just had to laugh. I swear I thought I was on candid camera, or some really bad reality show. Did she really say what I thought she just said!?!? In Wal-Mart yet. **blink blink**

Hello, this is America, unless you are 100% Native American somewhere in your family tree there are a bunch of one time foreigners.. And even they immigrated over thru Asia several thousand years ago.

Sheesh, read a history book why don't you.

Than I check my email and find this lovely little piece of spam. Presented exactly as I recieved it, creative spellings and all.

Re:.. P.ossib.le meeting f
Hi tbhere lovely, I was searbcbhing the net few days ago. I am new to this thing. and saw your profile.a I decided to emaail you cause I found b you attractive. I might come down to your city ain few weeks. Let me know if we can meet each other in person. I am attractive gairl. I am sure you won't regreta it. Reply to my personal email at
I've never placed a personal ad ever. And I don't swing on that side of the fence, I don't swing period with random strangers I've never met. So What.the.fuck!?!? I must be on some mighty intersting lists. But at least this one wasn't in Greek.

It seems to me if you are trying to spam someone to get money out of them, it would make sense to put the email in a language they might possibly be able to actually read!?!? But I'm strange that way.

A few days ago, my WiseGeek email sent me this wonderful link, about how I can make my own yarn out of dog fur, Or cat fur If I have enough kitites (no harm to the animal, it involves saving what they shed naturally). I think I will pass. Somehow I don't think a Chloe sweater or a Chester scarf really sounds all that appealing to me. Not to mention the work. I mean who is that freaking bored?

Last week I put on gas. A local grocery store has an offer where you get so much off per gallon of gas with your reciept, up to 12 cents if you buy over $100. My reciept is only for about $25 or so, good for 4 cents off per gallon. After work I traipse over to the station as my gas tank was not quite but almost down to fumes. I fill up my car, after going thru more steps than required to program the average tivo, and pay for my discounted gas. I thought I had got a pretty good deal. Not so much. On my way to visit the delinquent one, I drove by a station I used to frequent regularly when I worked down town. The same freaking gas was 4 cents cheaper than what I paid with my freaking discount. Good thing I only bought $20 worth.

At the rate we are going pretty soon filling stations will have to have finance offers to help you take out loan everytime you fill up. Sheesh!!

But at least its Friday. That means Las and Order and a night I don't have to worry about getting to be and getting up early the next day.



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