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No Monday's wanted

Sunday, Feb. 04, 2007 @ 8:27 pm
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It's just another manic Monday
I wish it was Sunday
'Cause that's my funday
My I don't have to runday
It's just another manic Monday

I really don't want Monday to come. Mondays are always my least favorite day. Personally I think Mondays have always been a very bad idea, they are like cold stethescopes, or discovering a hair in your ice cream, and it isn't your color. Mondays are like having ice dropped down your shirt while you are sleeping all warm and toasty under a double layer of toasty quilts.

This weekend however has been what a weekend should be, finally. A nice quite peaceful-eaasy two days off. I spent quality time with my son, and I actually acomplished enough to make me feel like I've been productive. Its been a long while since I've had one of those. I really am not looking foreward to tommorrow screetching in at the ass crack of dawn to ruin it all for me.

Monday-go away.. You aren't wanted here.

Yesterday I actaully got to sleep in and Warren made breakfast, after conning me in to runnng to the store for syrup and a few other things. I went in with a list of small items, and walked out with 40 bucks worth of stuff, though this tine I actually remembered what I went in there for. Warren made pancakes. He actaully makes a great pancake, seeing as he learned from the master, hehehe. His friends weren't around to hang out with, so he was stuck with me. He kinds of hung out and I managed to finally clean up my room and get the kitchen in to some kind of kitcheny order, with my screwy hours I've pretty much been to exhasted at night to do anything but eat and fall into bed.

I also made banana bread and pizza both from scratch. Both turned out quite good, though Warren liked the pizza better than I did. I"m not a big fan of the thin crust style of pizza. I like the thick bready kinds that you almost need a fork to eat. Its even better if you do need a fork to eat it.

He also talked, er conned me into riding to the video store. Yes we biked in -10F weather. Nodaks are nothing of not hearty. I am being a good cinema teacher. He in turn has introduced me to my new favorite sitcome Scrubs. If I had known the show was actually funny I might not have blown it off all these years. Gotta love DVDs. I in turn intoduced him to Duel, which he loved, despite the fact that it is a tv movie with no budget, made long before Steven Spielburg became Steven Spielburg. Its cheesy and screams 70's, but is still quite good for its genre. I knew he'd love it. I also did an intro to Mel Brooks. He didnt' like The Producers as much as I had hope. The real one that is , with Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel, not the Ferris Bueller edition. But he is loving the History of the World part 1. Our close by vieo store doesn't have nearly as good of selection as I had hoped. Only One Marx brothers movie, no Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, No High Anxiety, no Twilight Zone on DVD, No original Planet of the Apes, but I should be greatful for what they do have. I really need to consider a Net flix subscription.

Today he slept in, way in. But I was actually up and at them early. I manage dto finish the laundry I didnt' get done on Saturday, as well as clean the bathroom, top to bottom and do a hot steamy mop job on the kitchen and bathroom floors.

I even had time to read the paper and enjoy a couple cups of tea. Micheal, a neighbor boy who loves Warren's ps2, was over to play ATV for awhile, though I can't help but wonder if his mother doesn't sometiems use us as a free baby sitting service- Mike is only about 7 or 8. Warren just kind of layed around and wanted me to massage his head and back.

I was kind enough to walk to the store later for an evil soda for him and we needed eggs.

for dinner I just did the leftover, refrigeratior cupboard clean. Using up some leftoever sauce from yesterdays pizza experiment, with soem chicken stock and pasta and cheese. I dided up and roasted the assorted bits and pieces in my veggie crisper and warmed up the last of the salmon loaf. Warren decided to make dessert, so we had sweet crepe like pancakes with peppermint whipped cream. He wanted to add blueberries but they weren't working.

Right now we are watching Mel Brook's History of the World part 1.

Monday can just bite my ass.


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