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On cats and rings

Thursday, Feb. 01, 2007 @ 9:52 pm
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No luck with the ring. I should be more bummed, but strangly instead of being beside myself I feel more resigned.

I've checked everywhere I can think of and no luck. The bus did find a gold ring, but the decription doesn't match mine.

It has no real value, only sentimental value to me. Its a 50 year old men's class ring. If someone tries to sell or pawn it, all they will get is strange looks. Maybe it will turn up when I stop looking for it, and believe me I've checked everywhere I can think of.

Oddly the other thought that's been in my head, is that maybe this is a sign. I think my Dad maybe trying to tell me it is time to let go. When I finally let go truly and move on, it will come back to me. For those who are wondering, it was my father's class ring.

If there is one thing I hate about raising kids is when they take the values you have been teaching them and turn them around on you. Nothing like having your own words splatted back in your face.

In other news, Warren seems to be showing signs of maturing, at least this week. Or maybe he is just buttering me up for something. He has been having excellent days. He also told me about some crap his friends were up to, and that he bowed out and made an excuse to come home, because he knew it was a very bad idea and he didn' want to get into trouble. Score one for Warren.

We still have our sore points, but the way I handled it before clearly wasn't the answer. So I'm searching for another way to make my point. Having a super smart kid, is really annoying sometimes.

Reading yesterday's entry brought back some memories I had compelety forgotten about. When I was in high school we had a cat I named Groucho. He was a black and white cat that looked like he was wearing a tux. He also had black ears with a white stripe between then, anda half black mustache, thus the name.

he was also the luckiest cat I've ever met. When he was a kitten, someting got into our barn one night. I am so glad my dad got there before I did. Apparently it was attacked. There were dead and mutilated kittens everywhere, bu tno sign of Groucho or momma.

Later that day, Here comes Momma cat followed by Groucho. To this day we have no idea what happened. I couldn't go in that barn for months.

Groucho went on to be the most spoiled tom cat in farm country.


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