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Why children should come with instruction manuals

Thursday, Oct. 05, 2006 @ 11:41 am
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Teenagers really need to come with instruction manuals. I'm getting a headache trying to figure mine out. I wonder if testosterone poisoning is fatal?

His biggest problem right now seems to be that hole between his nose and chin that doesn't seem to know when it would be in his best insterest to remain closed. He is a very smart boy, and he seems to want to prove it by being rude and smart-assy at any opportunity, especially if he thinks it means chance to impress the future delinquent society he has taken to hanging with lately.

That maybe a bit of a stretch, when they have been around me they have pretty much behaved themselves, but its when they aren't around me, or other parents that I've been worried. Warren hasn't done anything too stupid yet, but I know he wants to belong and he has to be in class with these kids. Nobody thinks 13 is easy, most of us hated it, and just about all of us have done stupid things as a young teen in the name of acceptance adn coolness, but I've been warned and had his teacher allude to certain things (she is legally prevented from comming right out and saying T-boy was busted for such and such, or so on), but pretty much gave me the impression that I might want to keep an eye on Warren and his new posse.

I know at least one of the kids, the above mentioned T-boy, has done some shoplifting, though I don't have any details. I've had a long talk with Warren and he agrees that it is wrong, but also seems to be unable to make the connection that buying or possesing something stolen by somebody else is the same thing as stealing, if you know it was stolen. I've drilled that in to his head until he was ready to scream, but I hope somehow it has gotten thru.

He's also been putting on this "cool to be bad", attitude. I don't know how much is just talk and stupid macho male shit, and how much is him. I had a long talk with him last night and he agrees that the things T-boy, and Cell girl are in to (Seriously who gives a 13 year old girl unlimited cell acess, she calls constantly- UGH!!), he knows he can be introuble just by association. I've explained that reputations are like fat, very easy to get, and very hard to get rid of. He says he knows. He talks about wanting to go to college (YES!!), but also projects a bit of a too cool for school attitude, and wants to tell everyone how things should be done, and what should be taught and so on. He tries that crap with me too.

I know he is angry about his dad, about moving, about life in general and comming of age doesn't make it any easier, but man I was never this much trouble at that age. (Fortunatey my mom isn't reading this, or she might have a few paragraphs to say otherewise).

I set curfews, I don't let him go with out knowing where he is going and who he is going to be with, but getting details out of him is like trying to steal bones from a hungry Coyote. He's lost his privledge to spend the night at friends houses for awhile after trying to do another "lets stay out all night" routine, sort of. He's smart enough to lie, but not smart enough to figure out how not to get caught, when mom checks up on him. He did come home that night, after I annoyed all his friends and a few of their parents (pardon me for wanting to know where my son is).

Having to work makes it even harder. I want to be there when he gets home from school, but I'm also accustmomed to the luxeries of working, you know things like a permanent address, clean clothes everday, and a hot meal every night, daily showers and a warm bed, luxeries of that nature.

If I thought he was a tough kid before, I guess I ain't seen nothing yet. He's a bright kid, with a good heart adn a good conscience, I just don't want to see him blow it.

With any luck if he can work his way back to regular class, he can make some new friends, friends who dont' think being a delinquent is cool.


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