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Everybody's Dead, Dave

Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2006 @ 6:31 pm
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I've been thinking about some things I'm really not ready to talk about yet, so in the meantime I'm gonna steal this meme that's been going around. IF you want to post it, go ahead, it's not as though anybody owns these things.

Do you hate more than 3 people?
Hate is a strong word. I strongly dislike several people for many different reasons, most of them are people who got close enough to me to hurt me very badly. But hate? Even my ex who is often at the top of my shit list I can't really hate. As crappy as he is, with out him I wouldn't be Warren's mom. I hate what several people stand for, I hate what they do, and what they believe in, I think they are wrong and perpetuating evil, but true hate, that would require me to actually know them. I've been seriously hurt by many, but I can't say I feel hate towards them, rage - yes, a desire for payback? yes! A wish to never see them again? Definately. But hate? no.. Hate is too strong for another person.

What is your favorite candy bar?
I don't really have one. IF Ghiradelli made one, it would definately be on the top of my list, but otherwise, while many of them taste good, they usually also make my teeth hurt.

What are your favorite shoes?
I'd have to agree with Witty on this one. I loves loves loves My Reeboks. They are the ultimae in comfy.

Have you ever tripped someone?
You mean on purpose? I hope not.

Do you own a Britney Spears CD?
Now you're scaring me. Stop it!! Please

Have you ever thrown up in public?
The joys of having been hyperemitic and pregnant. YOu don't get to pick when and where, you just hope the bushes aren't too fussy about their new fertilizer.

What is your favorite music genre?
I like almost all music, but if I had to pick one, it would be classic rock/hard rock.

What is your sign?
Warning!! Be aware of low flying mood swings.. If you mean Zodiac - I'm a Leo baby!! RRRROOOAAARRR, Can't you tell by the mane.

What time were you born?
2:55 am, on a Sunday no less. Even then I preferred Vampire hours.

Do you like beer?
At the risk of several generations of German anscestors rolling over in thier graves, NO I Do NOT like beer. I find the taste totally gross. I do however love a good Rum, Schnapps, or wine cooler.

Have you ever made a prank call?
Hasn't everyone, who made it thru adolescence.

What is the most embarrassing CD you own?
I hope Ive finally reached the point where I'm not embarrassed by what i like.

you sarcastic?
Are you new here? Read a few entries and see for yourself

What are your favorite colors?
black, indigo, maroon, burgendy, navy blue, slate. MOst Dark colors.

How many watches do you own?
In total? or just the ones that work. In total I'm not sure. But ones that work? Just the one on my wrist.

Summer or winter? Either. I love the freedom of summer, the warmth and the sunlight. I love the coolness of winter and the crisp air.

Spring or fall?
Niether thanks. They both make me sneezy, when I'm usually just Dopey or Grumpy.

Whatt is your favorite color to wear?
Anything in the dark blue/red/black family.

Pepsi or Sprite?
Even when I was a pop drinkr I hated Pepsi. Had for years. But I haven't touched a Soda since January 27th. So niether. Soda is evil, your body doesn't recognize the calories as calories, and artificial sweetener is even worse. it gives me migraines and makes manhy people crave more sugar later.

What color is your cell phone?
Me out of date, me no have cell phone.

Have you ever slapped someone?
YEs.. Havee you ever had a cavity?
My mouth can set off metal detectors. I have more cavities, than the Douglas's have dimples.

many lamps are in your bedroom?
none. I just have a ceiling light.

many video games do you own? me? none. My son? probably 5 or 10. not sure.

was your first pet?
That i remember? There was a white cat named Snowball (original I know) and when I was three we got a poodle from my aunt (who raised them), that was named Puddles. We had him until I was 16. We also had a border collie cross that was named Snoopy ( I have no idea why?)

e you ever had braces?
no, I lucked out on that one and had straight teeth. My brother did have to wear a retainer for a while though.

Do Looks matter?
Should they matter? No! Do they matter? Sadly, you better believe your sweet ass they do!!We all judge each other regularly on how we are dressed, how we care for ourselves and hold ourselves, and how genetcially gifted or cursed we may be. Its not fair, but even those of us who say looks don't matter, are subconscously guilty of it. We decide a lot about a person we've never met based on how they are dressed (are they uber conservatie, or slutty, hippie or slacker, anal or slobby), how they care for themselves (are they anorexic, healthy, or overwieght), genetcially gifted (its sad but true, if two people are equally qualified an one is much better looking, tney have an edge). We use appearances to determine intelligence, morality, and many other things that may or may not be true. Often we may not even be aware of it. Do you use Chapstick?
I prefer Blistex or Caramax actually. Sometimes I just use plain old petroleum jelly. No waxyness.

Name 3 teachers from your high school:
Mr. C. (I won't mention his real name here), who years after graduation was busted for molesting a student. No body was suprised as he was umm a little over friendly with all his students and had a tendency to put his arm around anyone who asked a question. MRs. Jensen, who was probably the coolest English teacher a high schooler could have, of course I could be biased. She liked Star Trek and had fun disccussions in class. MR. Molander, who' taught history and was a seroius WWII buff. I've seen so many WWII films its scary. American Eagle or Abercrombie?
Read my lips.. W-a-l-m-a-r-t. I'm po'

Are you too forgivng?
I think sometimes I give people to many chances, than I end up hurt and nursing a serious grudge.

Do you own something from Hot Topic?
Not yet, but they have some cool shirts I wanted to get for me or Warren, but I can't afford thier prices. What is your favorite breakfast?
right now it is oatmeal with Dannon naturals Vanilla Yogurt and freshberries. with cinnamon.

Do you own a gun?
Does a water pistol count? if you mean one that shoots real bullets than sorry, no I do not.

When was the last time you cried?
What day is it? To be honest, I don't really remember.

What did you do 3 nights ago?
Sunday? stayed home sick, slept, read the paper, discovered I can make a pretty good eggplant parmesean, now that I know to peel the eggplant and then salt it and let it weep a bit.

Have you ever called your teacher mom?
No, but I did grow up in a very small town where my parents were personally aquantied with all my teachers outside the classroom.

Have you ever been in a castle?
Only an inflatable one. Not too many castles in North Dakota. My grandfather however grew up in the shadow of a real castle, Kalmar Casltle in Sweden.

What are your nicknames? I only go by Holly, though on line I've also been known as Zam, Hollywan, Marajade50, or Warrensmom. My son sometimes calls me the MOminator.

Do you know anyone named Bertha? NO but I have several relatives named Agnes,

Have you ever been to Hawaii?
Never left the continent. I have been to canada severaal times, not that that is even close. *sigh*

Do you own something from Banana Republic?
no, never have.

Are you happy with your life right now?

Yes and no. I'm happy my son is doing so well, but this isnt' at all how I pictured my life at 37.

Does anyone like you?
Yes, I think I can safely say there are a few peole who like me, I'm not a total outcast.

What were you doing May of 1994?
Let's see. I was 24, Warren was 11 months old. I just found a job at Ca$h Wi$e and was working nights so I could be home with Warren during the day. Warren had mastered running and climbing out of his crib. He was showing me just what I was getting myself into. A few months later he spoke his first clear word, Mokile, which was Warrenspeak for MOtorcycle (the ex had a big Sazuki I think it was). I should have known that was a sign.

McDonald's or Wendy's?
Haven't been to either in weeks. but McDonald's is closer while, I think Wendy's may have better choices.

Do you like yourself?
I'm learning to.

Favorite feature of the opposite sex? I love 5 o clock shadow and muscular arms (but not too muscular or it becomes gross).

Are you afraid of the dark?
I am a creature of the dark. I love darkness, its so nice an dark. hehehe

Have you ever eaten paste?
There was that one incident in kindergarten, but I swore I'd never talk about it agian. Oh crap, Where's the Elmer's?

Do you have a webcam?
Hell no

Have you ever stripped?
Not for money. actually unless you count getting ready for a shower, or bed, no I haven't. Didn't want to give anyone nightmares.

What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
UGh Brain Fart. I can't even remember. Now that is sad.

What are your favorite TV shows?
Huge SVU fan, though i liked it better when it was an ensemble show, not it seems to be becoomming he Meroni/Hargitay show.

What did you have for breakfast?
I usually have oatmeal and some kind of fruit, today I was naughty and just had the hole I punched out of the toast when I made egg toast for my son.

What is your middle name?
I've give you a hint and you can guess. IT falls between April and June, and rhymes with Hay. If you say my first and last name together fast, it sounds almost like one of the Beverly Hillbillies.

What foods do you dislike?
Banannas and I have never agreed with each other. YUKKO!!! I also dislike any cheese that smells like old gym socks.

What is your favorite CD at the moment?
Don't have one.

Favorite sandwich?
Subway Roastbeef with all the veggies, and Sweet Onion sauce.

What are your favorite clothes?
Currently, my khaki cargo pants and my blue polo shirt.

>b>What color is your bathroom? Off white, and dingy yellow. Its kinda gross.

Favorite brand of clothing?
Whatever fits and falls in to my budget. I'm not into names, I'm into affordable comfort.

Where would you want to retire to?
Someplace that is payed for, and doesn't make my allergies go nutso.

Favorite time of day?
That's easy. Bedtime. Ah sweet slumber, how much I love you.

What did you want to be when you were little? .
Scary as it may sound at one time I wanted to be an astronaut.

What is your best childhood memory?
I can't really think of a best childhood memory, maybe crawling into bed with my parents after a nightmare?

Eye Color?
Hazely blue green. Depends on my mood and the light.

. Ever been toilet papering?
NO, I missed that little teenage ritual. But at our old house the peolple across the street had teenagers, and thier trees got toilet papered on a regular basis. It got so if we needed paper instad of buying some, we could steal it from thier trees. (okay Im only half kidding).

Favorite day of the week?
Anyday I don't have to work or get up. I still get up and do things, but I get to work on my own timetable, not someone elses.

Tag you're it

I'll probably write my serious entry tommorrow. Too much thinking going on right now.


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