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quack quack waddle waddle

Monday, Jul. 03, 2006 @ 9:01 pm
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Just Ducky

Somedays I just get the feeling the universe is trying to tell me something.

The last couple of days, I've been getting tired of walking the same path over and over again on my walks that I take during my breaks at work (I think of them as sanity savers). So in an effort to spice things up a bit, I started walking cross country over the empty lot next to where I work. there is also some unusable space behind the building where a steep hill gives way to a "creek". I use the "" because it is in reality a drainage ditch to keep the buildings in the area from flooding, but the run off has formed a "creek at the bottom of the hill. One complete with cattails and foxtails and other prairie weeds. It is not very deep, a toddler could cross it, with no help. But it does have enough water to attrack several members of the local bird population.

Usually I just see them flying around, and squawking at each other, probably a bird equivalent of "human alert, human alert, beware a human is near by". But today while I was wandering around attempting to burn a few more calories I was happily taken aback to see a mama duck calming waddling down to the "creek" with about a dozen fuzzy little ones. They were soo cute, I just had to resist the urge to run over and pick one up to hug him (and squeeze him and name him George). But I resisted, Mama didn't seem to mind me walking a distance behind and watching, mainly because she had her hands full quacking at one of her brood with a tendency to wander from the fold. (His name must be Warren).

But I prefer to think she somehow knew I wasn't a threat and had no intention of putting them into a Groucho Marx movie (hello room service? Send up a larger room?).

I would have liked to watch them longer and follow them to where they went (I'm thinking they probably had a nest close by as the little ones looked like they hadn't been out of the eggs very long). But work calls, and the fox tails were itching my legs.

It has been a rather stressful week, and July is going to be a stressful month (I'll talk about that later), but after a few minutes of my own live version of (not so) Wild Kingdom (totally free of any Marlon Perkins narrating while Jim wrestles the alligators), I felt happy inside, almost peaceful. I still have a stressful month ahead, but some how I knew things were going to be alright, that I will be okay and things will work out. Things will be ducky! I guess the Great Creator really does have a sense of humor.

She also has a great sense of timing. Earlier tonight, I was updating on weightloss site I belong to (its a forum/journal/food tracker/support group site, but you have to be a member to access anything - ask me if you are interested), I was kind of feeling bad about myself and how things are going. As I had suddenly dropped a bunch of weight in a short time, and then a bunch of it came back and now it finally fell off again. But just as I was typing it up, the Lifeflight helicopter from Meritcare happened to fly by, just low enough that I could tell it was the Meritcare copter. Whoever they are on the way to get, quite likely has much more severe problems than 5 stupid pounds, and weight is probably the last thing on thier mind.

I've always believed that the solution to one's problems is there, and if one opens their mind and looks with more than thier eyes, it will appear.

I just have to leave you with this laugh before I go. Today I had a customer who lived on Weed Ave in Weed California. She seemed to be an older lady, but I soo wanted to ask her just what Weed grows on thier street. I bet it is a really mellow town. I wonder if the grocery store has extra staff on at night, for those midnight munchie runs? Did they have any idea of the connotations when they named it? Or did they name it on purpose?

I have a pair of siamese cherries (two cherries one stem), that looks like a pair of boobs. I need a camera. I also need to get out more. OI VEY!!


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