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Good Bye Sidelines

Sunday, Jun. 11, 2006 @ 7:20 pm
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Today has been one of those sluggy, wherre did the day go type of days. I haven't even left the house, which is totally out of character for me (lately). I did get a couple loads of laundry and some dishes done. I also made pancakes for breakfast and spaghetti for dinner, so it isn't as though I slept all day.

Who knew teenagers go on food jags like toddlers. I never realized how much teenagers are so like toddlers. Just larger and with better vocabularies. Lately it seems no matter what I cook, even his old standby favorites, he's just not intersted. However he is not going hungry, having polished off an entire box of Honey bunches of Oats. Right now he is over at Jasper's house, not visiting with him and violating his grounding (Jasper's not Warren's). Apparently they think if he is not actually in Jasper's house, it is not techinally violating his grounding rules. I can't wait to hear how Jasper's mom is going to react to that one.

In addition to playing lazy homemaker today, I also got the joy of having to do a system restore on my computer. Which was over run by all sorts of unwanted files. The other night it was attempting to use Yahoo to send emails to weird addresses. I am asumming I was being hijacked for spam purposes. Norton was able to stop it, but it still screwed up my computer. My firewall should have stopped it from ever getting on my computer, but it too was being wonky. I had to do my restore twice to even get into my computer. Before I did restore, half my programs weren't working, the rest were unbelievably slow, and it was locking up all the time. Now it is working right. But I get the joy of setting everything up all over again. I also lost a ton of files, including a bunch of Warren's music. Which I assumed had been saved on disk.

Stupid me didn't back up like I should have, because last time I did a restore most of my files were still there. This time, I guess because I had to do it twice all was lost. On top of it, I'm forced to use my firewall as a trial, because I cannot locate my lisence key. I had it saved in my email, but I can't find the email, and when I try to get them to send it to me, it won't accept any email I can think of. ARRGG!!

Afte doing a restore, A2N found one spyware still on my computer. Counter spy found 10 spywares and at least 47 components. Yee Gad. I know where most of it came from too. My friendly downstairs not quite formerly yet a teen and his installation of Limewire and some other programs to get free music, if you don't mind unwanted hitchhikers (and don't live in fear of he FBI showing up on your doorstep). I uninstalled it, but he tried it again. By then all of the damage was done.

Yesterday I didn't get much done, but at least I got out of the house. Warren and I went to see Cars. It was a very cute movie. Yes it has the same plot as Doc Hollywood, but Doc Hollywood didn't originate the Uppity city fellar learns life lessons when he finds himself trapped in Yocalville" formula. It's been around for years. Even the old Andy Griffith show started as a skit on Danny Kaye, using the same formula.

In the case of Cars, it workds. It is a bit slow out of the starting gate, but it picks up in the middle. I laughed myself silly in a few places. Larry The Cable Guy is definately the funniest thing in the movie. I normally don't like his comedy all that much, but in this movie he was perfect. I also love the message, that winning doesn't always have anything to do with comming in first. Sometimes winning is about something more than comming in first. A lesson many people need to learn. Paul Newman was great as the town leader, but George Carlin stole the show as the 60's era VW Van. Think Hippie Dippie VW, who sells "organic fuel". The animation as usual with Pixar was amazingly awesome. It's not nearly as good as The Incredibles, but it is definately good. If you go, you must stay for the credits. There is sweet tribute to someone who's name I didn't recognize, and a gag about John Ratzenberger (who seems to have a role in almost everything Pixar makes).

After the movie we walked to Wal Mart. I had only planned to pick up a few items. Somehow I managed to spend almsot $50. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly grocery items can add up. It's a good thing I get paid on Friday. My mom comes up the 19th and leaves the 21rst. Warren's birthday is on the 20th. Which reminds me, we still need to order his cake. I have the rest of the week off. We are hoping to head for the Cities on the 22nd and get back the 23rd which will give me a few days to chill before I have to go back to work. A chance to recover and wrap my head around the fact that my son is a teenager. That I'm old enough to be the mom of a teenager. Does anyone familiar with the Cities know of a good (read cheap, but nice) motel near the Mall of America. I want to have a great time, but preferably still be in the black when I get back. Once we get to the Mall, I think we'll just play it by ear. Part of this trip is about getting out of town and doing something fun. But another part is about more than that. Warren loves to ride in cars (and is already counting down until he is old enough to drive-legally). When we are driving somewhere, seems to be the best time to talk to him. I am hoping this will also be a bonding experience for both of us. With all that is going on (including some stuff I haven't talked about), I feel we need some reconnection time. Three hours should give us some good mom and son one-on-one time. Considering I've only driven though The Cities once before (and that was at 5am, after being behind the wheel for 9 hours straight- all the way from the Indiana/Illinois line), this should be quite interesting.

t I'm tired of watching everybody else live, while I'm a spectator. I'm sorry Dad, but when opportunity knocks, I can't any longer wait for him to come back. I need to answer now. I am not going to live in fear of something bad happening. I'm getting close to forty. It is time to start living. Going to LA next year, has me scared senseless, but I'm going to do it. No more bleachers for me. I'm getting in the game baby.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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