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Wednesday, May. 10, 2006 @ 10:12 pm
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Warren is not thrilled with me today, and he is going to be even less thrilled with me tommorrow.

Some of you may remember a couple months back when I talked about locking up my computer after finding some questionable sites had been visited on my computer. I had talked to Warren about it, and he had managed to convince me he had earned my internet trust back. I hadn't seen any new hits to "adult" sites, and I thought the issue had been settled. (he doesn't do chat rooms, as his typing isn't that good, and I have the password to his email so I know what goes on there). Granted there are ways to get around that, but I've met his friend's mothers, and I am fairly confident that (pardon my language) "shit don't fly at their houses either".

Today however, was a reminder of why parents of teenagers walk around with a perpetual deer in headlights look on their faces. It seems my dear sweet (not so) little boy decided to bring his psp to school (which isn't normally an issue as he knows he is only allowed to use it before and after school. But he brought it to school with pictures of half naked bimbo's, which he tried to hide under a file labeled cars. I haven't seen the pictures, and from what his principal described of the first one, they are more a R rated than actual porn, the kind of thing a curious 13 year old, who is too embarrassed to talk to his mother would look at.

How did this get found out, it seems my oh so innocent little boy had to stop at his locker and decided to sneak a peak of some T and A, before going back to class. He knew better than to pitch a fit at school and was quick to cooperate, and throw in a few water works, but he will still be psp-less for quite some time.

Too his credit, he did come clean with me when I got home (mainly because I think he knew they called me at work, though I played dumb to see if he would be honest.). Though he was very round about in how he did it.

We've had more than an intense discussion tonight, and while I think he wasn't trying to do anything bad or evil, but was just being an overly hormonal boy, I still agree he was in the wrong. He knows how I feel about those pictures and why, but I also understand why a boy like him would find them attractive (like that's hard to figure out). He knows they will be gone, along with his internet freedoms.

Unforntuately his attitude is making a comeback. One minute he is sweet and loveable, the next minute he is an insufferable brat, being demanding and patronizing. We've been going round and round tonight. He feels picked on, and victimized. I feel like I just don't understand him anymore.

Sometimes I don't even recognize him. He thinks I'm trying to control him and ruin his life and I don't care. He has no idea how much I care. If I didn't care, I wouldn't give a damn. Why is it kids can't see that parents make rules and enforce consequences because we love them, that if we didn't love them or care, we wouldn't give a damn where they were, or who they were with or what they did and when? It isn't him I don't trust so much (though he's lost a lot of that), as the rest of the world that scares the crap out of me.

I was the same way at his age, convinced everybody was just out to mess up my fun, that they didn't have a clue.

I wish I could be 13 again, at least then I was certain I knew everything. At 36 I feel I don't have a clue.

And will whoever keeps sending us this damn rain, please take it back. This is getting re-frinking-diculous. I wore my new sandals today and nearly froze my toes off. I didn't even get to take my daily walks because of the rain.

ENOUGH ALREADY, with both Warren and the weather. I'm going to be bald soon from tearing my hair out.

Once again, I am living up to my name. You might want to cover your ears tommorrow afternoon. When Warren finds out he is once again locked out of the internet, it ain't gonna be pretty. It was bad enough when he was informed of his other consquences. Oh and did I tell you the best part, the little monster tried to lock me out of my own computer to blackmail me into not taking away his electronic toys. OH NO YOU DON'T If he thinks Gramma is buying him an IPOD for his birthday, he better do some major attitude shifting, and in a hurry.

Needless to say he was convinced in a hurry to change that tactic.

Just what goes thru these kid's minds anyway?


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