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More Life with Warren

Monday, May. 08, 2006 @ 8:30 pm
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Call me weird, but normally if you break a glass, especially on the floor would not your first instinct be to clean it up immediately, before somebody winds up leaaving bloody foot prints thru out the house? Apparently my son missed that memo. Yesterday I came in to his room to find a glass broken on the floor ("I stepped on it"). When I inquired about why it was still there (apparently it had been there all afternoon), he said he just hadn't gotten around to it.

With visions of slaughtered feet in my head I found myself picking it up at 10pm, cutting my finger in the process (natch).

Today he made stink about my chicken hotdish because despite the fact that he loves garlic, suddenly it was too garlicy.

He also seems to be stuck in this sudden need to argue the merits of women vs. men. He's not being mean or anything just trying to get me to start something (I should've known his fathers genes would show up). I know its the age, and his need to figure things out, even by playing devil's advocate. I remember doing this with my dad at the same age. Better he hone his debate skills at home with me, than with his teacher or other authority figure, who doesn't understand the game. He is still working on the "you can't have a logical debate and name call" skill. He's getting better though. He's a very bright kid, his verbal skills are off the charts. He's very fun to talk to and argue with. In a way its like having a part of my dad back, in my son.

I forgot how much teenagers love to annoy thier parents. Good thing once you reach my age, you are much less easy embarrassed and as such can embarrass the heck out of your teenagers so easy. Wind em up and watch 'em go. When middle age and puberty come together, things definately get interesting.

To be fair, I may have been a little heavy with the garlic tonight, but it was still good. At least I know I'm safe from vampires.

Mike hasn't been around for almost 5 days. I for one am thrilled, but Warren is concerned that he is back in jail. I can't help but feel he may be right. It wouldn't suprise me, but everytime as glad as I am to be rid of him, I hate him for what he is going to Warren.

To lighten things up, I'm also doing the 5 weird things about me meme. I may have done it before, but I've got plenty of wierd characteristics to go around.

1. I have hide and seek veins. It's true. Phelbotimists have pulled their hair out attempting to get blood from me at times. I once tried to donate blood for a blood drive at my son's school. Every one in the place tried for over 30 minutes, even the most experienced one's were unable to get more than a few ounces out of me. Warren still got credit, but nobody has me flowing thru thier veins.

2. All of my glasses have cartoons on them. I have Looney Tunes, Care Bears, ET, Star Wars (don't you dare drink from those), a couple Star Trek and a few others I can't think of.

3. I once sprained my ankle by tripping over a dried up mud puddle. I was only 7, and I was running because my dad had sent me out to close the chicken coop. As an incentive he was timing me to see how fast I could do it and get back. Silly me, never even made it to the coop.

4. I had a problem of chewing on my fingers long after the age when most people stop sucking their thumbs. I never sucked my thumb or fingers, I only chewed on them, and had the callouses to prove it.

5. I brush my teeth in the shower. I've been doing it for years now. It saves time in the morning, and I don't have to look at toothpaste crap in the sink, which grosses me out for some reason.

I'm off tommorrow, or should I say tommorrow is the day I work without getting paid. There is enough to do around here to keep a staff busy, now let's see how much I'll actually get done. At least the laundry and the dishes have been kept caught up for the last month and half. A new personal record for me.


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