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Low Flying Mood Swings

Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2006 @ 8:56 pm
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(almost)Teenagers need to come with warning labels. Warren decided it was time to unload his mouth bazooka on me again, as I was a good target for his unexpressed rage and frustration at the world for not letting him do what ever he wants and giving him the freedoms of an adult, while coddling him like a preschooler. He was itching to get me into it, and when I refused to play he got even more upset and upped his ante.

To get some background. Warren has been stressing himself sick, and when I would pick him up, he would come home and an hour or so later he would be fine and ready to go play and eat. I had him to the doctor, he has been checked out and nobody can find anything wrong with him. I would pick him up and he would say he was sick, but sure as ND is cold, he would be fine very shortly. Thinking there was something else going on, I decided it was time for a little tough love. The last couple times he was "sick" (for the record I don't think he faking it, as much as making him self sick, as I think he found it a way to get out of stressful situations, or thought it would be a way to not have to work, I'm not sure), but as I said. I can't afford to miss work, if he isn't really sick, so I decided enough was enough and took a tough love approach.

I told the school, what has been going on, and that he could have Tylenol, or anything else to make him feel better but that this was getting old, and if he wasnt' serously ill I wasn't picking him up. He continued with his sick act, and wouldn't work, so he lost time on his sheet. Because he wasnt' even trying to work, he lost enough time that he is not going on the field trip. To say he was pissed would be an understatement. While he held it together at school and kept hinself in reasonable control, he decided to take it out on me. I can understand his being upset. But I am sick of his pulling shit to not have to do work and to manipulate people in to feeling bad for him. I can tell when he is really sick, because he will go to bed and not want to get up. The school has been making him clean up after himself, and now that he see's it isn't going to get him out of school, or out of work maybe he will get a hint. I am having him checked out Tuesday when we get his eczema rechecked anyway, but I have a feeling the little monster is playing us.

Back to after work. At first he was cool when I got home. Than he wanted to go to McDonalds for dinner. I told him no. He got mad, I started making chicken noodles for dinner, he got mad because it was hotdish again. Than he let the gates open and the vile spewed forth. I told him to get a grip and I refused to play his game. The less he could get a rise out of me, the more he stepped it up. He wouldn't go to his room, he would follow me when I left the room and keep on about everything, how I was so dumb, and I messed everything up, adn he hates me and on and on.. I don' t care. I had enough. I stopped speaking to him and left to go for a walk, when he wanted me to come back. I told him I had had enough. I need some space, and he really needs to think before he speaks because he is being very hurtful and I was very upset with him. Than I left. I walked a few blocks and came back.

Hopefully, I got thru. He was very much subdued and appologized. he also gave me a hug. I told him I love him and he is always my little boy, but he needs to think before he speaks as he said some very hurtful things and it will be a while before I forgive him. We did go for a walk later for a soda and had good talk about other stuff. I don't know how long until the next explosion, but I think he is starting to get a clue that this shit ain't gonna shine in this house.

I did have a long talk with his teacher today, to get her side of things, as Warren seems to give rather one sided accounts (and accused me of telling them he was faking it, which isn't true. I don't think he is faking it, he's just found a way to make himself not deal if that makes sense). I agree, he could have tried to do something. At least he made his points today, though I got the impression it was hard for him. He has come a long way, but he has a long way to go. I just hope I can live that long.

Teenagers really need warning labels.

Beware Low Flying Mood Swings


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