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Wednesday, Nov. 09, 2005 @ 6:07 am
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I wish my damn biological clock would reset itself already. I thought I was finally reset yesterday when I slept in, but today it is back to its old off kilter self. I am tired of popping awake at 5 am, when I used to be able to sleep until at least 6. By 9pm I am so exhausted I can't see straight. Hard to believe in high school and college I would go for weeks on only 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night. If I did that now, I think it would kill me.

Poor Warren! At his physical last night, he ended up with three shots, (menningitis, DTP, and the flu shot) than he had to go get blood taken for cholesterol and glucose tests (non fasting), and since the poor kid was unlucky enough to inherit my uncooperative veins, they had to take it from his hand. He was a total trooper though. The phlebotomist was a really cool guy, and it turns out he is also a Valley Con fan/goer. What a small world (*well duh, this is Fargo-Moorhead). Yesterday was also another small milestone, in that it was the first physical Warren had where I was out of the room. I can totally understand that at his age, boys don't want their moms in the room and thankfully the guy we had subbing for his regular ped, was a male doctor, because teenage boys are very embarrased at the thought of being examined by a women. (I hear him on that, it took me a long time to get used to the idea of having a strange man checking out my privates). We also had a good talk with his dr. and I think I have a better idea of some of what is going on with my son. I'm not sure how to deal with some of it, but I think I am startin to understand more.

He is a very intuitive kid. At 12 he has already figured out that when he is stressed or depressed his rash acts up. Too bad the pharmacy was out of his cream, so he will have to wait until tonight.

After his checkup, we also hit the grocery store. I've decided that instead of fighting him on food issues, I'm going to use him to my advantage. He wants to eat healthier as well. So we went to the produce department and picked out a new veggie, one that we haven't really had very much. In this case he picked an Eggplant. At home we looked up recipies and settled on one for Eggplant Parmesean. We also found another one that used Eggplants as crepe wraps, we may try that another time. Than I had him look thru the cook book for recipes to try out later this week. He picked out one for a Medditerean Shrimp Stew. Thankfully shrimp on sale this week.

He also picked out one for a chicken and biscuits. He also made out that he hated chicken. Seems he just hates large chicken pieces or dry chicken. So I can work with that. Saturday we are going to cook the stew together. When I look at many of Warren's favorite foods, verses our ethinic background, I think somewhere along the line, a Viking ship must have gotten lost and found there way up the Medditerean. How else would a bunch of Northern/eastern Europeans be such big fans of Olive oil, parmesean, mozzarella, pasta and tomato sauces. Heaven help us, if we were to ever run out of oregano, or basil the world would screech to a halt.

He's open to new tastes, I think he just wants more of a say in things, instead of my just announcing this is what we are having and doing it all. If nothing else, by teaching him to be a good cook, at least he won't live on canned soup and frozen dinners when he finally moves out on his own. I'm actually looking forward to the fun time together.

Hopefully we can continue this, as we both need to get off the junk food, and the blue boxes of orange macaroni, and cheap hotdogs of unidentifiable origin. Warrn's blood pressure is starting to creep up, and while he has dropped a few pounds he is still overweight as am I. I can't believe he is over 5' 6" already. Wasn't it just last week I was carrying him in a snugglie, as it was the only way I could get anything done. He was the kind of baby that had to be held, or he would scream like he was being tortured, at least until I figured out he hated being on his back, and still does. He was a total tummy baby, and a total snuggle baby.. at least until he learned to walk.. at 9 and a half months.. whew!! I get exhausted just remembering it.

Oh and just for the record, Poola's not really my sister, she just adopted me, cause she is cool like that, and I've always wanted a sister. heck when I was 4 or 5, I used to look thru the phone book, even though I couldn't read, and say I was looking for my sister. Yes I was a weird kid. Does that really suprise anyone.


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