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Saturday, Jul. 16, 2005 @ 11:08 am
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Today for the first time in my working life I purposely hung up on a customer who deserved it. I've dealt with difficult customers before. Usually than can be divided among the following: those who think we are beneath them and just there for them to serve them with no appreciation, those that haven't a clue what they want and some how have the delusion that we can read their minds, those that are just too damn busy and always actlike they are late for a bus, but get mad when things are wrong, even though they were the one's too busy to bother verifing info, the idiots who think they are entitled to something for nothing, and are somehow better than our other customers (they are the worst), and worst the abusive twits who like to swear (those we hang up on), and the terminally stupid, which includes those who believe thier failure to plan is somehow an emergency on our part, and finally those who feel the need to share thier religious/political/exetential philosophy views with us, and some how think we should open up as it is thier job to try and convince us of whatever point they are so interested in making. (There is one other kind, the lonely person just looking for someone to talk to, but those I usually feel sorry for and don't count as annoying, just needing some attention).

This guy fell into the off his rocker category. I should have known there was going to be trouble when he got huffy half way thru his street address and wouldn't let me finish (his first name was James and he lives somewhere in Arlington VA, that's all I can say or remember), but that isn't unusual for some of our customers. I got his first item, no problem than the second item. Whoa Nelly-mama!! The price the computer had was $2 higher. I looked in the computer and found the price he had, and was more than willing to give it to him. But he had a fit, and wanted to know why it didn't automatically come up that way. I tried to explain to him about the computer (and that he hadn't told me which catalog he was using). That only made it worse. Faster than you can say Johnny Depp is hot, the guy was off and rambling on a tangent about us stupid people in the red states (first of all some of us in red states voted blue, not that it is any of his business), and how dumb we are, and so on and so on.. in a very insulting and demeaning tone about everything. It was quite clear that agreeing with him would only encourage him (and I view my political and religous views as something I dont' share with random nutcases), and anything else was liable to send him into somesort of breakdown, so I played bad phone and hung up on the guy. I'm sorry, you may be a liberal but you are the kind of nutcase who gives the rest of us a bad reputation, and I'm not paid enough to play shrink to some idiot with a burr up his but. I may agree with some of what you said, but definatley not how you said it, and what the war in Iraq and gay marriage have to do with the price of vitamin e, I don't even want to contemplate. There is a time and a place for everything, clearly he missed that boat. I don't care what your views are, when you become abusive and nasty I tune out and go away, end of discussion.

On to more pleasant topics. Despite a rough start due to Mike being a complete and utter butthole, Warren and I ended up having a pretty good day on Friday. Warren spent the afternoon at Andrew's playing video games (he decided his sunburn wasn't up to more sun yet). That evening I took him and Andrew swimming after driving thru Taco John for dinner. We had a blast (at a different indoor pool) jumping in and pushing each other in, going off the water slide, but unfortunately who ever is in charge of maintaining the pool seriously messed up as the PH was way too low and the chlorine level way to high. At least three people *(including Warren) ended up getting sick. Luckily Warren was the only one to make it to the bathroom. I felt bad for the poor guy who had to clean up the waterslide steps and the side of the pool. (yuck).

After taking Warren home, he decided he was feeling better so we went to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Johnny Depp = yummny weirdness). I definately give this movie both thumbs up, it is totally not even close to the Gene Wilder version (which I also love), it is much closer to the book though Tim Burton did take some creative liberties, including adding the wonderful Christopher Lee as his dental hygiene obsessed Dentist father (trust me when I say it works).

I also love that only Tim Burton could put references to 2001: a Space Oddessy, Psycho, Oprah Windfrey, hippies and beatniks and cooking shows into a "kid's" movie. My son really loved it, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would more than willingly see it again. The effects and the set were awesome, and Tim Burton did another marvelous job. Going from Charlies depressing life to the world of Wonka was much like going from Kansas to Oz only without the b&w. I highly recommend seeing this movie. And don't be suprised if you spend the rest of the day singing Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka ..famous Choclateer.. cute but very annoying (trust me it fits, especially with the flaming puppets. LOL!!). The kids were all perfectly cast, and Johnny gives his usual wonderful performance. (my son couldn't believe he was the same person who played Jack Sparrow and Edward Scissorhands).

Speaking of Warren, my son has decided he no longer wants his hair short but wants to grow it long so he can "style it" and use gel and stuff. Okay that is fine with me, I don't care how he grows his hair as long as it is combed and washed. For most people this isn't an issue, after all what makes someone look grosser than long stringy unkempt unwashed hair. He takes plenty of showers but has for some reason that the smell of the shampoo we have, so he has decided to start washing his hair with the Ax body wash I bought him. While it does perform the job of hygeine, it doesn't exactly do a great job of making his hair look clean and freshly washed, more like stiff and kinda sticky. With his current hair length this means he usually wakes up looking like Chewbacca after Han switched the power couplings on by mistake. A fact he does not find amusing. Who knew preteens could be such a source of joy.. mumble mumble.....

I also managed to get my hands on the newest HP book. Warren and I really weren't up to the HP party at Barnes and Noble yesterday (normally I'm all up for an all night geek party, but not yesterday). So I made sure I was one of the first customers in the door this morning. Thanks to pre-order and B&N sales it was almost half off. Now I just have to try and not read too much before I get home, so Warren and I can enjoy it together. However I am a peeker. I won't spoil it for anyone, but I will warn you, have tissues handy, you will need them.


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