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Tuesday, May. 10, 2005 @ 10:02 pm
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Thank you to everyone for the great support. Warren is doing much better the last couple of days. He still has some crankiness and irratability, but he is handling it in a much more appropriate way. He is the sweet, mischevious, little monster he used to be. He even hugs me again, and is able to talk about things, and realize what part he played in it all. He even stated on his own that he thinks this time it is helping him, and he likes being able to talk about his feelings and what is going on inside.

Hearing some of the stories of other kids has helped to. I think he realizes how lucky he really is, some of the kids are there unfortunately because of thier parents. (The evil some parents do to thier kids never ceases to amaze and disgust me, however all visitors and patients are bound by a strict confidentialty agreement not to talk about anything we see, hear or find out about anyone there).

Warren was doing so good, they let him go out on a three hour pass with me today after his family therapy appointment. It was a short time but we had fun. We went to the mall and had Aqua massages, than to Master Cuts to get him a haircut that doesn't look like he was attacked by a hungry cow every morning. After we left the mall we hit Subway for some early dinner, drove around a bit and then had DQ for dessert (he did anyway, I abstained). We were back a bit early, so we walked up the dike (same place we used to sled in the winter, now it is all grassy), and watched the skaters. Warren decided to be silly and roll down the hill a couple times. Then it was back to PSJ.

His therapist also recognizes what I've known since he was a baby, that despite severe learning disabilities he is also quite gifted, and gifted in non tradional way. Meaning that he is well above average in intelligence, bored by much of what they try to teach him in school, works better in a non tradional classroom and basically that public schools just aren't set up for, staffed for, or funded enough to deal with kids like him. If anybody knows how to make a living with out working let me know. The more I think about it, the more I realize he would be a prime candidate for some sort of homeschooling (with tutor perhaps), or other non tradional type of education with more hands on, more aimed to his needs and less sitting in a desk spitting back the info the teacher spits out. Unfortunately I can't be home all day and still make a living (I havent' figured out how to do that with the skills I currently have ), I can't possibly afford a private tutor, and there aren't a lot of other options in this area, except possibly Montisorri which is so ungodly expensive as not to be believed, and still not exactly designed for a kid who would prefer a tool kit and a workshop/garage to classroom with books and pencils. Reading and writing are exausting and frustrating for him. But the kid can fix anything, figure out how anything works, wire together electronics, take things apart, etc.. His verbal skills are also off the charts. (I guess that is what happens when you are the child of a woman who carries on in depth conversations with herself all the time, even in front of her kid). By the time he was 8 or 9 he could carry on a conversation with an adult and it would be easy to forget he was only a kid. Even now I often have to remind myself that he is only 11, and of course he is going to act like an 11 year old.

In Warren's own words, most of his problems are at school, as he is bored, it is frustrating, many time he feels like the teachers want him to fail, and they make him feel stupid. I don't think they really want him to fail at all, but I can quite easily see where from his point of view it would feel like that. And while all of his teachers have mentioned how bright he is, I can see where some methods from a kid's point of view might make him feel like somebody thinks he is stupid. He is a kid, but he is a kid, that has not ever wanted anything to do with anyone who talks to him like he is a kid, to him it feels like he is being talked down to, and you only talk down to people you think are stupid. Even at 5 or 6 when people would talk to him like he was a kid, he would get mad. "Why does so and so talk to me like I am dumb". My belief is if you treat a kid like he is stupid he will act stupid, if you talk to them like intelligent beings who just haven't been around long enough to know as much, they will suprise you with how smart they really are. Making messes, getting dirty, taking things apart, that is how kids learn. Yes it is frustrating, I can't tell you how many old stereos, alarm clocks etc Warren has autopsied. Though I did draw the line at old tv's as those things can be lethal in the hands of a non professional. What other kid, could figure out how to wire stereo speakers to his clock radio.. and to my television..and to my computer.. and dreams of being the one to invent a car that runs on a fuel that isn't gas and isn't a rich person's toy. He is always dreaming about inventing this car, or this device, or designing this building, or this or that contraption. And his pictures are getting so much more detailed it is unbelievable.

Last year, one of the projects they did in school involved each kid getting a pieice of paper with some sort of squiggle on it, and they had to turn it in to a picture of anything. Most kids turned it in to one obect or a simple scene. Not my boy, he filled the entire page with detail, twice as much detail as any kid, and it was one of his favorite assigments.

Oh did I mention that the idiot found someone to bail him out. He has to go to court again, and most likely will be going away for over a year (my prayers are being answered). But may not be going away for a month or more. **sigh**

I am off this weekend, and it looks like Warren will get to go out on all day passes one of or both of those days. If all goes well he will be out early next week and then will go to partial, which is basically a similiar program on a outpatient basis. He would be there during school hours and then come home at about 3 or 4 o'clock. I would drop him off every morning. I have to be to work at 8:30, so I would drop him at 8am, meaning we would have to leave home at 7:30.

He was so happy and gung ho about things today, than his dad came to visit. I hope he is still as gung ho, after talking to Mr. Findfaultwithandputdowneverything. I can't wait though. We already have plans to see the afternoon showing of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Oh and to put a cherry on the sundae (to go along with the nuts which I hate.that would be Mike), a couple friends of mine managed to get midnight screening tickets for all of our "group" to see Return of the Sith at the midnight showing, premiere.. I am so psyched...and yet bizarely depressed..this movie is going to do a serious number on my poor psyche..

Now is not the time to make any major decisions for sure, but something has to be done.

He has a lot of potential and to let it go to waste because of money or lack of understanding would be criminal.

Oh and to give you the jist of yesterdays customer notes, Brian is a guy who is into living his life as a baby, Debbie is the chick who plays his "mommie". They are under the delusion that the rest of the world is interested in playing along with thier freaky kink, and expect us to act as though he was a baby and she was the mommy. I don't think so..I am very helpful, but I draw the line at kinky sex games with random strangers (well actually I draw it well before that but you get my point).


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