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When Office furniture Attacks.

Wednesday, Mar. 02, 2005 @ 12:37 pm
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This cube business is getting out of hand. Apparently one of my coworkers decided to hire a guard chair to protect their turf, and a rather mean one at that.

Apparently many people don't realize that cube farms can be dangerous places. I don't just mean the mind numbing work that robs you of valuable brain cells, while simoultaneously destroying your will to live, but actual physical danger as well. Office furntiture gets angry when it isn't treated right, or especially in the case of computers who have a supiority complex anyway, when they decide they don't like you. But all computers can do is refuse to cooperate with you, and make your work even more impossible.

Other furniture is far more sinister. I am talking of course about the attack chair (there are also in some places attack desks, but I have been lucky to avoid those monsters from hell, our desks are generally well behaved and have been checked over to make sure any teeth have been removed. Instead of making a stink, I was professional and found a different place to sit for the day ( the ergonomics of the place stink, but I love this computer). I didn't know it had the pitbull of chairs waiting to see how good of an appetizer my leg would be.

Our chairs were supposed to be examined also, however one seems to have escaped from the backroom it was being held captive in, and made its way to the work floor, where it was standing guard over its favorite station.

I came to work late due to a meeting at Warren's school (all reports wonderful - that's my boy!!)so someone else had decided to use my station.

I sat down to start work and I felt something scrape my leg, but it was barely felt so I didn't pay any attention to it, then I got up for something and when I sat back down I felt it again, only worse and now I felt a breeze as well.

I look down and discover I have a nice scratch on my leg and my formerly one piece favorite jeans are now advertising to the whole world that Holly decided to wear purple underwear today.

On the brightside, the chair has now been tagged and sent the office furniture equivalent of the pound where it can be dismantled and melted into something more useful, like beer cans. (apparently what really happened is when all the foam rubber padding on the arm rest was ripped off (I guess somebody was too poor to afford real food), the metal was exposed and it decided I looked like a good (and filling) meal. I did get to take a long lunch and run home to change clothes, which meant no time to heat up my Ramen noodles and left over chicken breast so it was a blessing in disquise that I go to have DQ for lunch instead.

In other news, I finally got a raise, a real actually make a difference on my paycheck raise!! Well to be fair, everybody got a raise, but not all the same raise, because they are raising the starting wage, and phasing out upsales, they are moving everybody up accordingly based on time, job and performance. But money is money!! And now maybe I can afford to reward Warren a little better all his hard work this year. (not to mention mine).

I have this weekend off, too!! At least something is going right, for now, at least until I wind up on Fox's newest video show, When Office Furniture Attacks

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