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Psycho callers.. scary stuff

Friday, Dec. 03, 2004 @ 4:39 pm
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Since my shift ends in 20 minutes this will be a short quick entry. One of my co-workers had the creepy caller to end all creepy callers yesterday. They were able to trace the call to an unlisted (most likely pay phone) in Indiana, but don't have much more information than that.

Let me first state that almost any 1-800, 1-888 number for large companies that is easy to find, is going to have a certain percentage of psycho-callers, loonies, and other assorted nut cases calling for no legitimate reason, but soley because they get enjoyment out of being an annoying twat. I have had a few of these callers, none of whom were scary, but who fell into the annoying but harmless category. The kind of caller who might bug somebody, but who we ultimately end up making fun of in the breakroom. Generally we keep track of these callers, and we can trace them back and block that number and in rare cases if they go far enough persue legal action, though I'm not aware of any callers who have taken it to that level. Examples of this kind of caller are the guys who start asking questions that are a little to personal (my job does not and never will require me to discuss my sex life EVER), lonely guys who have no intention of conducting business but just want to talk, people who feel the need to "share their religion" and "save us", and the typical obscene phone caller, among others, in other words garden variety weirdos, and crank callers

Then on the otherside of the coin we have the not too common, but very scary psycho caller. In ****'s case (name not revealed for privacy reasons), the guy had originally called our regular number and got himself transferred to Customer care. Normally we answer the phone with a greeting that includes this is "so and so" how may I help you. So as soon as she has answered the phone he had her name.

First he wanted to be transferred to accounting, but then he asked

Wait a minute is this ****?
. Of course she answered yes, without thinking, as she has worked her a long time and many customers have dealt with her in the past or know of her.

That is when it got scary. I don't have the exact words, but in a nutshell..

This is Somegarbled name, from SoandSuch Financial blah blah, this is just between you and me, no one is to listen in on this call or know what is happening between you can me. I have your daughter. You will not talk to anyone.. now do you want to talk to your daughter?..

I should mention she stated the man had a very deep authoritative voice, and completely caught her off guard (who wouldnt' be). And as soon as she said of course she wanted to talk to her daughter he hung up. She freaked, like anyone would, and immediately called home. Her daughter (a grown and married woman), is fine and knew nothing of anything of this. The guy was some looney who obviously enjoys terrorizing people. But she had to leave work early and is still visibly upset. I would have had a melt down, if they called me and said they have my son. But other than keeping track their isn't much they can do as they have no idea who it is.

Man I know I hate this job, but I never thought it would get this scary.


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