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Journal drama and Warren's moving up

Wednesday, Dec. 01, 2004 @ 2:56 pm
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This is just creepy. The relevent entries (all entries since March 04) of her LJhave been made private, either by the police, or most likely by LJ at the request of the police as evidence, and because the comments were getting to the point of being ridiculous. I didn't get a chance to read more than a couple of entries before it was locked up, but other than the last two entries which are especially creepy,when you consider that they were written after she knew her mother had been successfully murdered, it mostly read the diary read like any of a thousand diaries by depressed teenage girls who hate their mothers (nothing new there).

For more excerpts read this and the police report. Another article. I'm sure this will go down in LJ history for a long long time to come. Let's hope nothing like this ever happens on D*land.

From the little information I've gathered it sounds like she had a very stormy bordering on abusive relationship with her mother (though again there may be alot that was not written about/made public), but to resort to murder, something had to be horribly wrong somewhere, either in her mind or in the relationship or both. Many girls have bad relationships with their mothers, and don't resort to conning a couple yokel's in to murdering her. There are plenty of options, going to the school for help, talking to her father (possibly depending on the relationship their), a trusted friend/friend's parent, a teacher/coach, or if things were bad enough the local law. With her grades she could have also ridden it out (possibly even graduated early), gone on to college and never looked back. The point is there were many alternatives to murder, but from what little I've read it sounds like she was deep in a dark depression and definately not thinking clearly, it almost sounds like she was in some sort of shock that it actually went thru and happened, almost a "WTF did I just do!?!?!" type of reaction, coupled with a very unhealthy dose of denial.

Do I think she should get off lightly? No, however I do think the two idiots should bear the brunt of it, because at 24 they are adults and should (in theory) know better, and besides 24 year old men don't generally hang out with 16 year old girls for the stimulating intellectual conversation. As a minor she still needs to be punished and forced to face what she has done, but that she can also possibly still be helped. What is the right thing to do? That is one answer I don't claim to have. My money says the prosecution will move to try her as adult.

In other news, I had a great conference this morning with Warren's teachers, and the staff at his other school. He started mainstreaming this week, and if all goes well he will be back to his regular school full time by the 2nd or 3rd week of January. He did a great job of acting mature about things in the confernce this morning and I could tell the staff from ******** (his old school) were impressed.

One stumbling block is that his 5th grade teacher would be Mr. U, who was his third grade teacher when he had a lot a problems. He is a great teacher, but I am sure Warren still has some bad memories of that year. I am looking foreward to this move, but I am also worried as it means Warren will be having at lot more homework (something he is starting to get more of now), and that is usually always a battle point between us. He knows it has to get done, but he hates it and always puts it off, no matter how much I bug him about it. If I don't bug him about it, he tends to "forget" it, and then freak the next day.

It also means alot more reading and writing, his hardest and least favorite activities, but at least he will have access to a para, and be able to use a keyboard for long writing assignments. He can't really type yet, but I am working on trying to teach him, at the basics. I have a feeling middle school is going to be one long headache, I think I am stocking up on the Tylenol now.


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