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Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2004 @ 4:12 pm
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My liver and I are finally back on speaking terms. My mind enjoyed this weekend, and so did my spirit. My body, on the other hand, not so much. Two days of fun, and it took 48 hours from my last drink before my body returned to feeling more like a human being and less like road kill that had been baking in the sun for a week.

This morning Warren pitched a fit when I only made him two eggs instead of four. Never mind that he ate 5 or 6 sausages, and that I endedup giving him my eggs, I was still an evil, neglectful mother because I didn't know to make him 4 eggs.

Then I get to work and remember I have to call the electric company, only they have another company that deals with their payments, cause they don't want to dirty thier hands with money, and this company has it in for Visa holders. So I had to jump thru hoops like a circus cat, just to get my bill paid, so Warren and I could cook and take baths with out building a bonfire in the living room.

Then during my hours at work the phones were nuts, and of course people were their usual stupid selves, but then we all know I have so much power I can change the rules of my company and just waive a wand and give people whatever they want. And then we get the old and stupid people who call in say thier piece, with out letting you have a word in edgewise and hang up after saying do it or else, even though you havne't had time or chance to get enough of any information to do anything. I just know he'll call back in a few more days really pissed, because I didn't waive my magic wand and use my psychic powers to fix all his problems the day before he called. (And people wonder by I have an attitude problem). Fortunatly I worked less than half a day.

I had to leave work early today, as I was once again dragged in to court for a now non existant junk problem. I was the second one called, and up missing half a days work and pay, to spend 1.5 minutes in front of the judge pleading innocent and setting up a date for another court date in Decemeber. Even if I win, I'm still out the pay for those days. (Damn anal neighbors, and hording exes).

Since I was in and out faster than the average Hollywood marriage, I decided to make my son happy and pick him up at school and save him the agony of riding the bus. He paid me back by finally remembering to bring home the lunch box that was only a few hours away from running home under its own power. It only took 15 or so reminders from me, for it to sink in.

Then since he was hungry and I wanted a bargaining chip for him to behave so I could chop some hair off, I bought him a pizza pocket and a Pepsi (I also needed to be robbed by a large oil company so my vehicle could continue to be mobile). After gassing up, we headed to North Fargo so I could chop my hair off at the same place, I've been going for almost 13+ years (damn have I really lived in this town that long). I got my hair cut in layers and finally got my bangs out of my face. Its not a dramatic change, but it shorter by a inch and half or so, and has layers again. Amazingly I got in first and even though its been quite awhile they still remembered me, and were utterly amazed at how much Warren has grown, as I used to take him in when he was still a babe in arms, and when he was a wild toddler who wouldn't cooperate or leave things alone.

Of course even after eating Warren of the two hollow legs and a spare stomach was still hungry. He was so well behaved that I was nice and treated him to his favorite Taco John soft tacos.

Now he and Andrew are downstairs torturing each other in that way, that only guys seem to do (somedays they act more like brothers than friends), and seeing how long before I come down and send what little self control I have left flying out the front door right in front of their big loud mouths.

I still have laundry to do tonight, unless of course I want to go to work tommorrow as "Stinky Holly, the girl who smells like a fast food dumpster on a hot summer day". And my kitchen looks like the day after a nuclear attack, either I hunker down and do some dishes or makea serious investment in diposable eatery. Nobody ever said I had an interesting life.

If you must chose between two evils, pick the one you've never tried before - taken from one of the many buttons I picked up at Valley Con. Although I didn't have as good a time as some people.. j/k

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I love to write and while I don't post much fiction online anymore I would love to be a writer someday. I am also overweight, bipolar and suffer from allergy induced asthma.