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Bloody adventures in blood donation

Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2004 @ 7:38 am
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Last night was an adventure in chaos. When I first went to donate blood at Warren's school blood drive they were overbooked and running behind, so I signed up to come in later.

We left made a run to Walmart to get Warren a decent shirt for school pictures (one that won't have Gramma shaking her head), and then chilled at home for awhile. About 7:30 we went back, and things were slowing down so I checked in and signed up and waited....

And waited and waited. Finally about 8pm they call my name, so I go back and do the usual hemoglobin, blood pressure, tempature checks, all normal enough.. (my blood pressure is actually down 134/89 - yayyy me), Then spend another eternity answering questions about parasites and diseases most of which I have never heard of, and a bunch of other questions regaarding my sex life since '77 (here's a hint in '77 I turned 8. I've only had a sex life for about 15 years - and even that would put the most hyper person to sleep). Then the person interviewing me, had to spend more time trying to find out if my whooping cough bought this summer was a problem or not. IT wasnt' since I was treated and did my full course of antibiotics.

Then the real fun started. The first girl had me all cleaned up and markered to find where my vein was (mine are deep and they like to move around and play keep away), then she put in the needle and nothing. She tried moving it around (asking me if I was okay - amazingly I was fine), but couldn't get my vein. So then she asks this other girl, Mary to come try, but Mary can't get anything, So then Ricky comes, still no blood, meanwhile I'm starting to feel like a Vampire Buffet. Well if Ricky can't get it lets ask Bobbi. Bobbi has dragon nails. No blood, but I've been sufficiently poked. After being paraded thru several phelbotomists (nothing like being a medical oddity on display) they got a little bit of blood, but not much and it wasn't comming fast enough.

Bright idea!! Lets try the other arm. So I move to another chair (did I mention I was the last donor of the night), and they get me all set up again, and try to find my vein, but guess what that one ain't cooperating either. Enter the parade again, only this time nobody want's to try. So I spent over an hour only to find out, I am a willing and good donor, whose veins have other ideas.

I should have known that would happen. Everytime I have blood drawn, or when I needed and IV when I was sick during my pregnancy it was always a major undertaking as my veins are deep and apparently roly - poly as me.

At least I tried.


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