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Weight, womanly issues, and ex idiots

Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2004 @ 7:05 am
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Yesterday's work meeting turned out to be nothing. It was just two hours of listening to some Councilor from The Villiage talk about drugs/alcholol in the workplace (ah man, there goes tomorrows plans - j/k), intro to Meth Users 101 (Thanks to Mike I already know more than I want to), and harrasment in the work place (my favorite part of the day). The only upside was getting out of work for two hours, and they served one hella great fresh fruit plate. Who wants cookies when there is fresh watermelon and perfectly ripe strawberries to eat.

Either I've dropped a few more pounds, or my jeans are really streching out, because suddenly instead of just loose and comfortable the waistband is actually big enough that the no longer sit right on my waist, and I have to either have my shirt over the top, or risk anouncing my choice of underwear to the rest of the planet. The wierd thing is I haven't been dieting, at least not conciously or intentionally. I have been eating alot more fruit and veggies, but for some reason I've just been craving it. I haven't banned junk food, though I don't usually buy much of it. I've never been one to have a lot of cookies or chips in the house. My biggest downfall is that I like rich creamy things, and fried things. I've still been eating my breakfast Taquito and Mt. Dew. But I think I've been evening it out by eating some sort of fresh fruit or vegetable before my other meals, and sometimes for snacks. Like yesterday. There was a cookie tray and a fruit tray. As a kid I would have been all about the cookies, yesterday I had one cookie and couldn't get enough of the fruit (even if the dip did cancel some of the benifits).

I'm also just not as hungry. I dont' know if its just my body changing or if its a result of the depo shot, or if something else is going on. I am startint to think the temper outbursts I had shortly after my first shot, might not have been from somehitng else, because I havn't had once since that first week. I am going in Thursday to get my next shot, I am hoping to weigh myself and mention it to the nurse then. Whatever is going on, I am not going to complain. I've been a fat chick since puberty kicked in, if this is somesort of early menopause (my mom was only about 40 or so, so this could be a pre-meno thing) thing, then hey I figure I've earned it. I've been menstruating every month (minus the Warren months) like clockwork since I was 11 years old. Thanks to the depo I haven't had a period since July (other than some annoying spotting to remind me I still have a uterus if I like it or not). I can't tell you how great it is to not have to deal with that issue anymore. Its a whole new sense of freedom. And since I normally go into food overdrive when I am pmsing- I am willing to bet that not having that monthly horror, is why I am finally loosing. I am no longer binging for two week every 28.5 days, (pre this year, I could set a calander by my monthly cycles) like I have for the last 24 years (minus one psregnancy). Who knew? I guess my body doesn't like periods anymore than my brain does. I am definatley going to have to bring that up on Thursday.

Mike behaved himself yesterday, and his visit with Warren was suprisingly drama free. According to Warren he had to go back to court (he was actually almost sad when I said Warren and I coudn't go out to dinner with him, I had other plans and the thought of sitting w/him for another meal - eeesh), and his PO or whatever called Chris about getting his stuff, and she told them to stuff it as she wants nothing to do with him. I don't either but its harder when the child in question is 11 and knows full well what is going on, and loves his dad despite it all. If he actually goes straight (a big IF), I might actually feel a tiny bit sorry for the lug.

Holy Catnjammer its 7am, time to hit the showers and wake Warren..

**edited, because I don't spell well in the morning on an empty tummy***


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