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My little "Big Fish"

Wednesday, Oct. 06, 2004 @ 1:48 pm
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Some days Warren can really suprise me. One minute he is being a typical preteen with moodiness (Do guys have a male form of PMS? He sure is acting like it), and surlyness and a general "I know it all" attitude, then just when I think he's about to do something I'll regret, he suddenly changes and starts acting like a mature and reasonable person.

Case in point this morning. He didn't want to get up, then when he did he was all grumbly and surly and generally just annoying to be around. He didn't want to take his pill, and when Andrew stopped by on his way to his bus, he didn't stop with the snide remarks towards me, even after I called him on it, which usually stops him or at least gets him to see what he is doing to me.

After Andrew left and he had taken his pill with much fussing and snipping, he was fine. Then we got to school, and since I hadn't signed his point sheet yet he handed it to me to sign. Then I saw the note, that said I had been dropping him off too early (looks like its back to the bus, since I can't be late for work).

First we were going to drop him at home and he could ride his bike back (too late for bus at this point) but then I realized it was about 8:30 anyway, and the monthly parent meeting was this morning at 8:30. I figured he could sit tight in the van for a few minutes and just go in, no big deal.

VERY BIG DEAL!! At least to Warren, who this time decided that since the meeting was about him, he wanted to be included. I wasn't so sure if this wasa good idea, based on previous experience, so I was more than a little hesitant. However the rest of the staff (teacher, psychs, etc..), seemed to feel that it was okay if he sat in, at least until it was time to go to class.

All of a sudden my surly little boy, is being mature and respectful and acting like somebody else's child. He expressed his upset at being in the class, but was able to do so in a respectful manner (who's body is possesing this kid), and ask questions and listen to the answers, not like I had expected at all. Though I could tell he is really eager to get back to his old school, even though he enjoys the fact that in his new class he is a leader and the rest of the kids look up to him, so he is the top bird of a small coup, instead of a little chicken in a big coup.

I was amazed at how well he was able to face them and ask good questions. What happened to my son, and how do I keep this person around!! (Aside from hiring an assasin to take out his dad - as I look horrible in orange coveralls).

Even they were impressed with his progress, which has been way more than anybody expected, and way better than thought possible, though things are going to get tougher once he eventually starts transisitioning back to his regular classroom, and once the honeymoon/review period wears off and school starts to get harder, as one of his toughest areas is dealing with frustration without getting angry. But there was very little negative to say.

The only other major concern is that he has a tendancy to tell stories (not exactly lies, but not the truth either), ala Walter Mitty (or in Warren's case picture a pre-teen version of the Ewan McGregor/Albert Finney character from Big Fish. Most of the stories are harmless, he isn't malicious or trying to get somebody in trouble, just a little too caught up in exaggeration. I'm not sure how to handle it. I've tried and tried to tell him its great to make up stories but you can't tell people they are true if they aren't. I think it might be an ego thing, I used to do the samething as a kid, I just kept them to myself. My dad was a family historian - story teller who loved to spin a good yarn, and I have a love of fiction and wild stories, though I've never told a whopper and pretended it was true (at least not to other people - only to myself), so it isn't a complete suprise that Warren is a tall tale lover.

Lets just hope he can find a good use for that talent, as most of his tales are not of the variety that are so fantastic you know they are tales but of the just real enough to be believed variety. Though I know him well enough to know when he is "full of jelly beans" as we called it when he was little.

He is changing so much this year I can't believe it, but yet it is fascinating to watch.


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