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Mominator strikes back...

Saturday, Sept. 11, 2004 @ 7:21 am
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My eyes are still dry. I took Warren and Andrew swimming last night, and about the only thing we didn't do was actually swim. They were having too much fun trying to drown each other and me. I will say that hot tub was amazing however. If I had the money and the space I would install one in a heartbeat. It does wonders for the body and the soul. Though the water slide does also. We didn't stay at a motel, though I would have liked to, but I work today so it wouldn't make any sense. We just went down to Sunset (same place Warren had his birthday this summer), where anyone can swim and slide for $3.00. We needed to get out and do something and this was perfect. Since Andrews folks were out and he was bored he came with us.

There were several others there also, both guests and pool users like us. But one of them, a cute little girl about 8 or 9 maybe at most, seemed like she was seriously crushing on either Warren or Andrew I'm not sure who. She was always watching them, and kept talking to me. She was such a little sweetie though. First she asked about the bruise on my arm, then when I told her I just bumped myself she comes back.."oh my grandma has that...its sad really.." the last part sounding like something he was repeating from mom or dad. I was like say what?? But laughed it off. Then later in the hot tub she was watching the boys and asked me, how old are they. So I told her 11 and 14. Then she was aksing me, which one is the 14 year old, so I pointed her to Andrew, and she was like "oh". But the rest of the night she was just kind of watching them. I almost got the feeling she wanted to join in, but wasn't sure how to ask, and seeing as they are several years older, I wasn't sure they would be that intersted in "younger women" quite yet.. (not for many many many years I hope and pray).

Another mom there, had her little one, about maybe two if he was a day. He was so cute you could just hug the stuffing out of him, but then when mom was ready to leave he wanted to stay and used all his toddler powers of persuasion (ie tantrum) to let her know. And I quickly went from almost wanting another one, to remembering why I am so glad to be past that stage. I still love babies, but OTHER PEOPLE's babies. Babies I can hand back when they scream, mess, or otherwise need a mommy. I wouldn't trade Warren for anything and would gladly do it again, because he is my boy and I love him more than anything, but I think having him also cured my desire to have children.

I love being a mom, but the thought of returing to diapers and 2 am feedings, and walking the floor all night, and potty training and so on and so on, no thanks. I am looking foreward to child care free existance, a kid who will have his own licence in about 5 years, will soon be able to get his own part time job (I mean real job, not just working for the neighbors for cash), a child who is old enough to hold real converstion and talk about things going on in the world, who has political opinions, and doesn't need me to cut his meat, and pour his milk. In short while my job is a long long way from done, and he is still very much a kid and not an adult I have reach a plateau of sorts and can definately see the end in site. However that said if MR. Wonderfully right were to fall in my lap, I would still have to think long and hard and even then would most likely decide that this baby factory is closed for good, though I like to think I would keep an open mind, and have learned long ago, to never say never.

Speaking of kids, I had a long talk with Warren's teacher and I am getting prouder and prouder of him everyday. He has set his sites on getting back to his regular class room and is doing eveyrthing that he needs to to get back. He's finally resigned that playing by the rules is going to work much better than bucking the system (at least in this case). And apparently since he is the oldest and having the most success he has emerged as the leader of the pack so to speak. Which seems to be doing wonders for his self esteem. Since he has music and gym and other classes with his group, instead of the "mainstream" group, He is now the kid whose team everybody wants to be one, the one they want to sit by at lunch. Instead of being the one with just a few friends, the one that is sometimes made fun of, and called fat by some of the stupider kids, whose parents can't be bothered teaching them manners. For once instead of being the "dumb kid with who can't read" which is how he often felt in his other class (even though it is SO NOT TRUE), now he is getting a chance to be the smart kid, setting the example for others.

One story she told me was about one of the other boys had been acting really gross at lunch the previous day, making digusting messes with his food, talking inappropriately that sort of thing (like a boy who wanted attention and wasnt' sure how to get it, and wanted to impress others), but the next day he asked Warren if he could sit by him and Warren actually told him "well..okay but then you have to stop being gross and eat nice" I couldn't believe it. My son, actually getting other kids to behave. Who is this boy and what has he done with my son. Who wouldn't want to reward behavior like that. As of the end of school Monday he will be on level 2, the first one to make it that far. I am so proud. I can't wait to invite Dr. J and the others to his first monthly meeting (they have meetings each month with each kids parents, staff, etc.. who ever you want there-- individually of course). Partially to show them how much progress he made, but more subversively to show them that I was right.. nyaa nyaa nyaaa. And that keeping him home and not sending him away was the right decision.. blah blah blah.. Face you never get to old to enjoy the value of a good old fashioned "I told you so".

Of course the real test will be to see if he can keep it up, when he works his way back to the "real world" as it were. Now I just have to make sure that they keep the school work challanging for him, even though he has a hard time reading, he is very bright for his age, and is a very hands on, kinesthic and auditory child. Reading and watching just don't do it for him. He needs to manipulate it with his hands and talk about it. His verbal skills are off the charts, especially when compared to his reading level which is still below grade level, but definatley improving. My main worry is that is reading problems are going to keep him out of a lot of the advanced science classes I know he would love, when he gets to middle and senior high school. I have nothing against shop classes and I am sure he will excell with those, but he also has the ability to excel in the science and math classes as well, and I think he should. I've come to accept the fact that he may never be the bibliophile that I am, but I still refuse to let such a smart kid think for a minute that he is going to waste all that intelligence and hard work we have both put in. He calls me the mominator for a reason, and I am definatly going to have my work cut out for me to live up to that name.


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