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Bruiser bruiser PT Cruiser

Monday, Aug. 16, 2004 @ 9:17 pm
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One things is for certain, my son is definatly a creative type. For some reason, lately he has developed a fondness for the Slug Bug Game. Unfortunately being the creative type (not to mention enjoying the chance to give one to mom), he couldn't be content with stopping at "slug bug" but he had to up the ante to add among others "smack smack cadillac" "bruiser bruiser PT cruiser" "Bam bam a Ram" and my personal favorite "bop bop there goes a cop". (though I got even with "Pat pat, there's a cat(apillar)" I gotta admire the kids brain, I just wish he didn't have such a strong right hook, and he isn't even trying to hit hard. Of course the fun part is seeing his face on the few times I manage to get one over on him, or arguing for 10 minutes over what make a vehicle is, or if a sherriff or highway patrol count as a cop (I won they do). I also say its not fair, because I have to watch the road, so he can be watching and I swear that kid has radar when it comes to vehicles. Thankfully he's starting to get a little tired of the game for now, I was begginning to think I was going to need protective gear everytime I get in the van. Not to mention that there seems to controversy creeping into the original game.

In other news, after spending over two hours trying on 5000 pairs of shoes, and enduring two meltdowns because I refused to buy steel toe boots, we finally ended up at a "real" shoe store to get his feet sized. Turns out, we've been buying shoes too big, to get them wide enough. His feet are only a 10 1/2 (US - about a 44 1/2 or so in European), but they are a 4EEE. (there are only two wider widths made before you have to go to speciality stores or have them made). I about chocked when they finally found the pair that fit right and were comfortable. I couldn't believe how wide his feet were or how expensive the shoes. Now wonder Mr. ShoeSalesGuy looked like he wanted to give me his first born.Buying affordable shoes is now a memory of days gone past. (unless somebody knows a source of cheap shoes for boys with hugeass feet) Wal-Mart sneakers just aren't designed for people with sasquatch feet. Unfortunately neither are budgets. If his feet are this big at 11, what the freak is he going to be wearing when he hits 16? I'm not sure I want to know.

Though I think I can relax a little, at least according to this which says Warren will most likely stop somewhere between 6 and 6'2". Of course that doesn't help me when every third sentence out of his mouth seems's to contain the words "I'm hungry".

Tommorrow is registration for Warren's last year of Elemantary school. I just hope this self contained classroom works for him. I finally found out the name of his teacher, and Warren thinks he recognizes it as that of a sub that he had last year. I am hoping she is at the school tommorrow as I still don't have the list of what Warren needs for supplies and so forth, or where his classroom is and so on. If they follow standard WFSD produre the bus driver will call us two days before school starts to let us know when the bus will be picking him up and droping him off, as this will be his first year of latch keying it. Its gonna be an adventure for all of us, but I will be so so sooooo glad to be rid of the extra expense of daycare. There are some advantages to kids growing up. I can take the money I save on child care and invest it in shoes.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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