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Attack of the crabbys

Friday, Aug. 06, 2004 @ 4:58 pm
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I don't know what bug crawled up my butt today, but I have been having mood swings that would make Oscar the Grouch run in fear. I felt fine when I woke up this morning other than being a little upset about the music blasting at 8am.. (Warren had Alex over again last night, as I had the day off due to his dermatologist appointment)which I wouldn't have minded if a) it wasn't 8am, b)it wasn't rap and c)I didn't want to sleep for another hour.

I took a shower not feeling that out of it, Warren mentioned something about his axel being busted adn I didn't say much. He wanted to go to the bike store, I said we'll see.

No sooner had Alex gone home and we were ready to leave then some kinds of demon possesed me and upon seeing the real damage to Warren's back wheel, I went completely psycho mom, doing a rather scary impersonation of Joan Crawford (minus the wirecoat hangers and cleanser fettish). I eventually calmed myself down, and appologized, but I was still in a "everything pisses me off" mood. Warren was complaining about how hungry he was (it was 10:15 and he hadn't ate, since playing with Alex was more fun). So we checked in, and then wound our way thru the maze of a hallways to the Prairie Mill Cafe (in clinic/hospital cafeteria style cafe), where I spent $9 for a couple small salads, a piece of Pizza, two sodas and an ice cream bar. He didn't like his pizza when he found it had bacon on it (?? he usually loves bacon). So we hurried thru our salads, grabbed our soda's and ran for his appointment.

We checked in and sat for about 15 minutes before being led back to the exam room to sit again, until the dr. came in and spent all of 5 minutes with us. Since the freezing procedure leaves huge blisters we decided to go another course of the stinky stuff for his warts (on the bottom of his foot of all places) and another not quite so expensive cream for his eczema. The other creams worked wonders, but they required a second mortage to finance them. Hopefully this cheaper (read no name been around forever, low profit for the Pharm industry), cream will work. Then we left and tried to not loose our minds, while finding our way thru the nasty construction on Main Avenue (Fargo-Moorhead - the city that is under perpetual construction).. I stopped at the grocery store, adn since Warren always complains how much time it takes me to run in for milk and come out with $20 of stuff (unfortunatly he does have a point on that one). I gave him the cash and told him to get the milk and he could get a couple sodas. Silly boy, he got the milk alright, and a six pack of 24 oz bottles. I gave him the change to get a Polish Dog and cold one from the 4-H stand, and a soda for me.

Then it was home to do some net surfing, as I tried to keep a lid on my boiling insides. I did some more researcho on Depo (the shot I got on July 21), and I am really wondering if that might not be part of my problems. My period stopped the day I got the shot and so far, not even a spot, but I have had headaches, and have been exhausted (though honestly I was pooped before I got the shot).

On the bright side I have some major housework help this weekend, as Warren dug himself in deep again, by being 30 minutes past curfew on Thursday night (the kid must love to live dangerously!!). He's not thrilled, but he will be playing assistant maid if he likes it or not. I know he was thrilled to beat that stupid video game, which is an accomplishment, but when your mother is worried to death that you are dead on the side of the road somewhere ( I knew where he was at - Nicks I just didn't have the damn number), and is out to look for you, then you just have to deal with the consequences. Even if I do owe him an appology for flipping my lid this morning.

Right now it looks like the sun is out, so I guess our company picnic is a go. Thanks to all you left or sent nice messages regaarding my last entry and my diary in general. CT, you are welcome here anytime. If I didn't want this read by the public (who dont' know me in real life minus a couple exceptions) I wouldn't post it on the internet.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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