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Kids have lousy timing

Wednesday, Aug. 04, 2004 @ 2:47 pm
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Why is it whenever kids decide they need to stand up and assert thier independance they pick the worst possible time to do it?

Today started like any day, I went to work after saying good bye to my son, who then left shortly after I did to go to summer school. (He hates the bus, so he rides his bike. ITs a two mile ride, but this is West Fargo, and the exercise is good for him). He is supposed to go to daycare after school (just thru the end of summer - as its too many hours a week for a kid his age to be home alone - in my opinion). But he thinks otherwise.

I don't blame him for not liking daycare as he is the oldest one there other than Amber (J*'s daugher who is 13) and at 11 he isn't quite interested in girls yet (Thank the Maker), as he still see's them as Cootie-carriers, except for mom's who in his mind aren't really girls (Gee thanks). So sometimes instead of going to daycare, he's just been comming home. While he has been relativly great about following most of the "home alone" rules we have, he has been having trouble with the one that says "No friends may be in the house when mom isn't home". Most of the time he remembers, but like most 11 year olds, he get bored and forgets.

This brings us to the other part of today's adventures in ODD-land, which require me to go back to the beginning of my day again. I got dressed in a hurry this morning and didn't pay attention to which shorts I put on. Apparently some how I managed to have acquired a big rip in the leg of my favorite Khaki shorts. So while I was on my lunch break and on my way to punch back in from said lunch break, one of the supervisors stops me in the hall and sends me home to change my pants. (You must see where this is headed.)

I wasn't thrilled about this, but hey I can see thier point, she didn't make a big deal out of it, and its only about a 15 minute drive this time of day. I needed the extra fresh air and sun anyway.

I pulled into my driveway and as I had suspected might be the case, there were my son's friends bikes on the front lawn plain as the green on the grass. I walked in and nobody even seems to notice the door open and somebody enter. I could hear them talking in the kitchen, so I walked in and my son just looked at nme like a cat caught in the bird cage with canary feathers in his fur. The only words out his mouth were

"I'm grounded aren't I?

He's not a dumb kid that is for sure. So I ran upstairs to change my pants, and use the bathroom. I told him his friends needed to go home and he needed to get in the van as he was going to daycare.

That is when the sky opened up and the thunder clapped and the demons escaped from hell. I think I could have gotten a better reaction out of him if I told him he had to eat raw worms wrapped in dirty spinach leafs. It took me 15 minutes of argueing to get him in the van. I thought it was going to get easier from then on.

Was I wrong. I get to his daycare (only a 5 minute drive) and defiant, angry, stubborn as his parents Warren decides he is NO way going to daycare. Then he said he would go if he gets a pop. But I am in a hurry and don't wish to use my Visa for a $1 purchase. I told him I would get him one tonight, if he did good. NOpe.

He dug in his heels. I dug in mine. We argued I got paniced as I was late getting back to work. He didn't care. Then get got out and tried to walk back home. I followed after him and another 15 minutes of argueing. Then we drove back to daycare argued and he tried running away again. I caught up to him, or rahter he stopped and came back. I am sure by now the neighborhood thought we both lost our minds. I managed to walk him by hand to daycare, where he made it clear, that I have totally lost any points I ever had towards mother of the year, and clearly I am the worst mother ever, and my only goal in life must be to ruin his. (Because you know I never do anything nice for him. He has no bike, no new cloths, no toy box running over, no meals out, nothing fun like that).

Then I drove to work, just shaking. I could have handled it better. I understand why he doesn't want to go there. But its one thing to be home alone for a couple hours after school or on alternate weekends. Its quite another to be on your own, all day everday at only 11. And its only for a couple more weeks. I know I said something I should have said, and so did he.

I did talk to daycare about 30 minutes ago, and he seems to have came around and was acting fine and playing Nintendo.

We are going to be having a long long talk tonight. He may not always like my decisions but he keeps forgetting I am the General and he is still only a PFC. He may have an opinion in the matter, but ultimately as the one who has been on this world a few years longer and does believe it or not still remember what it is like to be 11, I am going to have ultimate veto power in this house for several more years yet, and he better get used to it.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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