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Toxic stinkers

Friday, Jul. 23, 2004 @ 8:48 pm
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07/12/2002 69.23 CASHED
07/25/2002 69.23 CASHED
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04/10/2003 100.30 CASHED
05/02/2003 36.13 OUTSTANDING I'm not sure why this is outstanding. I can't recall if I rec'd it or not
07/01/2004 1.95 OUTSTANDING -Gee I think Warren and I will go invest that in stocks lest we got crazy spend it all in one place - say on half a gallon of milk or other crazy luxury

Total Child support in two years = $631.36 - Lets here it for Father of the Year
The above information was taken from the ND state Child support site. I realize the last one if from working while in some sort of treatment/half-way / Get out of jail yet again card place which isn't going to pay alot, but I'm thinking it had to cost at least that much just to process the stupid payment. And if it weren't for the state of ND stepping into garnish his wages I wouldn't have even recieved that much.

Current Month Obligation 135.00 Current Month Arrears Due 0.00 Outstanding Principal Balance 8606.49 Outstanding Interest Balance 570.99

I'm not going to bother doing the math, as it is way too depressing, but as you can see, at his current level of payments, he should be caught up sometime around Warren's retirement party assuming that by the time he is pushing 90, he remembers he has any children.

And yet while I am busting my butt and driving myself insane trying to figure out how to keep everything running and still provide Warren with a relatively normal childhood, including a few niceties, The RB is living in some tax payed for prison/treatment program/half-way house for drunks, courtesy the tax paying citizens of ND, with medical care, free cable, and little or no bills, such as electricity, rent etc.. Does anyone besides me notice something wrong with this picture? If it weren't for my mother helping us out, more than I care to think about, I don't know what Warren and I would do.

UGH, its just too depressing to even think about.

I took Warren sandal shopping tonight as I can't take another day with the toxic sneakers from hell, and I think neither can anyone else. I had bought them at the hegging of the summer as I normally buy him shoes two or three times a year: when school starts, sometimes a winter pair of boots if needed, adn then a summer pair as the school shoes are usually worn out by then. Well the pair I got him at the beganing of summer, have been spending most of thier time on an unsocked adolescent male foot. I've smelled stinky shoes before, but these weren't bad shoes, these were take them off outside, because they make the whole room smell worse than rotten garbage, lately with the holes in them, even when he is wearing them they are bad.

How bad? Well if you filled a pair of shoes with limburger cheese wrapped them up in dirty diaper, shoved it inside a dead skunk and put it in garbage bag and left it to cook in the desert for two weeks, it would probably still smell better than these shoes. I left them by the curb for garbage pickup on Monday, but I'm living in fear the garbage men, will demand they be disposed of as per requirements for Toxic Waste..

But anyway, back to shoes. In order to get rid of those shoes I had to get him another pair to wear. This being July many of the stores are (Read Wal-Mart, Target..) clearance saleing thier summer shoes. So we hit Wal-Mart, nope all sandles are either too long, too narrow, too wide or too short.. and he won't wear the kind that don't have a back strap.. Try Target next, almost but not quite. The tens are too small, the 12s too big.. So finally in desperation of not living with these things another moment, I drive/drag a very cranky/crabby/obnoxious 11 year old boy to Payless, which means a romp thru that vast cultural wasteland of Wasted Acres. By this point I am ready to beat him with the shoes.. After trying on a couple way to high priced shoes, he decides the pair I have my eye on is too "girly" even though they are in the men's department, and look like men's shoes to me. And decides to go look at watches (umm not those don't work on your feet dear). Finally after playing a bit of a mind game.. Okay how about these dear boy (holding up same sandles), at which point he agreed if nothing else than to shut me up. And wouldn't you know it they fit. So I spent about 4 times what I planned, and he wore them out of the store. I forgot to let the lady behind the counter know that the toxic sneakers were in the box, and when she oppened it, I think she was suprised to find shoes and not some rotting limberger surounded by a dead skunk.. But she rang us about between the watery eyes and we left to come home, where said shoes were immediately deposited by the curb, where upon I swear the grass changed color. And he still says they look girly, but they are comfortable and odor-free so he is wearing them, till I buy his school shoes in a couple weeks or so.

Let's hope the air and sun can do something about his feet.. before the homicide department shows up on my doorstep to look for the dead body, all the neighbors complain of smelling.

Yet somehow they still smell better than the whole child support situation. He talks about how hard it is to pay his support, yet most of his checks are barely enough for groceries, much less bills or clothes (which he will need for school), and shoes.. And when he was not in jail, he still managed to always have enough cash for beer, cigs and of course getting wasted, which is cleary more important than say..SUPPORING YOUR CHILDREN

And if he loves his son so much, why isn't he here supporting and taking care of him. The man seriously needs a vasectomy -- preferably with a rusty spoon dipped in vinegar and salt water.. (not that I'm bitter or anything....)

The whole thing just stinks..


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

I tend to be a bit of a slob, and am the opposite of a girly-girl. I am geek girl, who loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, action movies, science fiction, action adventure, Dr. Who, and so on and so on.

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