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Wednesday, Jul. 07, 2004 @ 11:42 am
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Some good news, Warren ear has stopped ringing, thankfully it seems to have been just a temporary thing. We also made a small, but noticable dent in the apopolyptic disaster area we call home. Funny how much more I feel like cooking, when I don't have a filthy kitchen full of disgusting dishes.

I also found out that since us full timers worked this 4th of July weekend like a regular weekend, that we will get an extra day of our choice off with pay. I am so thrilled, as I could really use a mini vacation. I could have chosen to just have an extra 8 hours, but I need the free time away from the asylum.

In other good news, the City of Fargo finally passed a no smoking law, though it won't take effect until July of next year, or when WF gets its act together, as Moorhead already passed one, that goes into effect in Sept. Yayyy.. I don't go out to places with smokers that often, but its great to know the city is finally realizing that those of us who choose to keep our lungs pink, no longer have to be forced, to breathe stinky smokey air against our will.

On to other fronts. Tommorrow I have much visit to the Ob/GYN. I know most women hardly look foreward to it, but I haven't gone to one in years,(yes I know, bad Cranky, bad Cranky) partly because of money/insurance issues (one of the great working poor, with no insurance up to a few years ago-damn Republicans), and partly because everytime I think about it, I just get the wiggies. I know he (in this case my doc is a he), is just a professional, but I have some real personal issues with strangers looking at my privates while I'm laying down half naked. Add in the cold metal implements and I'm looking at the door counting the seconds till I'm outta there. Next to being sick all the time, it was one of the worst parts of being pregnant, with Warren. So of course, along with a few other things I'm not ready to talk about, I'm just a tad stressed today.

I also need to make a list of things I wanted to talk to Dr. K (my Gyn) about, or I know I'll totally forget..cause I have a tendency to space out under pressure, at least sometimes..

    Things to mention to Gyn
  1. Night sweats -I'm not even 35, why do I want to run the AC when it is 45 degrees out and my son is under two blankets to stay warm? And along with that, why is it no matter how much I sleep I'm always exhausted?
  2. Irregular periods, not counting a few months after Warren was born, and a couple months when I had the Norplant (I got it when Warren was about a year old), my periods have always been as predictable as the calander since I was 12 years old. (Every 28 days like clockwork) Technically I had my first period when I was 11, but then it went away and didnt' come back for over 6 months..)
  3. PMS before every period, big time. I will be fine for a few days, then wham, one minute I'm yelling at Warren for acting like a boy, then suddenly I'm teary-eyed over some sappy greeting card commercial..
  4. Whenever Aunt Flo shows up, my feet suddenly become huge sloshing foot shaped sponges. The rest of the time they are fine, but since she drops in whenever she feels like it lately, I never know what to expect.
  5. Does this have anything to do with my brain taking flight from my head. Lately I can't concentrate on anything, and don't feel like anything I normally like is interesting.
  6. How much of this is stress, how much is because of the bipolar, and how much is because I'm going to be 35, exactly one month from Saturday.. (that's half way to went by so darn fast.. one day I'm off to kindergarten, turn around and I'm a mom with a kid who in full adolescence)

I am so not looking foreward to tommorrow AM, but conversely I will be glad to have it over..


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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