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Life with boys...

Thursday, Jul. 01, 2004 @ 2:13 pm
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Not too much going on here right now, other than Warren seems to be hitting adolescence like a head on collision. I feel like a chauffer/maid/door man. These kids don't knock or ring the bell, they attack the door like they were afraid it was going to hit back. This house is not that big, the bell does not have to be rung 15 times for me to hear it.

On the bright side I should be glad, he is getting a life and has things to do all day. Thank God he has a bike, or I really would be living in my car. Lets here it for free local swimming pool.

ITs also the last day of summer school for the next two weeks, which means the poor kid will be stuck at day care all day long. Only two more months to go, only two more months to go, than I will be done with daycare, as he will be able to just latch key for the two hours between getting out of school and my comming home.

My son pulled a fast one on me last night. I was going to take him to visit the RB (as he was due to leave this week, or so I thought.....) but he wanted to go swimming. I asked him about his dad, and he as he was leaving he asked if he could visit him tommorrow (today) instead. Not thinking, I told him sure.. (thinking it was also evening visitation), then just before the little scoundrel left he shouts at me..

"Great..than I can miss summer school"

Game set Match...Warren. Turns out Thursdays visiting hours are 9 - 11AM. But I made him go to summer school anyway since it was the last day, and just picked him up early. Of course that gave me just enough time to color my hair and take shower, than discover I couldn't find my liscense or my Visa (debit) and have a major panic attack. I run to get Warren and bring him home so we can tear the house apart. I had them when I got home, they had to be hear. Fifteen minutes later a bolt of epiphany hits me.. And sure enough there they are under the couch coushion where I lazed yesterday evening. So we raced off to CC Jail only to discover that his Royal Stupidness has been hauled back to Jamestown on Monday. Warren seemed remarckably okay with this.

We also had a small chat about his new school situation this fall. I tell you this parenting thing is largely all about the timing. When we were talking on the way out of school this morning, I was mentioning how ***** school was like a palace compared to ****** (Warren's school). Another teacher mentioned how much better Warren's school will look when the constuction is done. Then mentioned that we should see how gorgeous ******** is now that they are done. Warren made a comment off the cuff about maybe wanting to go there.. not really meaning it.

Well that just happens to be the school he will be going to.. So I took my opening and ran with it. I waited till we were in the van so we could talk in private, but I think he is taking it very well. All in the timming I tell you. Lets just hope he still feels that way in August. His biggest concern seems to be where he will be for science, which is his favorite class (no suprise -- it was mine and his Dad's too), and the one he is best at.

Speaking of the human garbage disposal, he just burned a pizza because the three bowls of cereal and can of root beer he had for breakfast, the two pieces of fudge, a cupcake and can of Sunny D he had for snack at school, adn the three tacos and large soda, with ice cream bar for desert I bought him for lunch just aren't enough to get him to 2:30 in the afternoon. Where do they put it all, and why don't they weigh 500 pounds.. I get a tummy ache just thinking about it. At dinner time , he has to eat cereal when I am cooking lest he pass out from starvation in the 30 minutes it takes for me to make dinner.

Congratulations, you will soon never have to worry about leftovers again.. hope you buy stock in a grocery store...

Now there is a gang of boys in his room with him, discussing the best way to rewire the speakers set up with his stereo and tv (that has no cable and only works with a vcr to play movies, because when you are an almost teen, there is no such thing as too many speakers, or music that is too loud.


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