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Handwriting, Riddick, VW buses and Flippin off,

Friday, Jun. 11, 2004 @ 9:56 pm
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Interesting... on this handwriting characteristic, you checked that your writing has "noticeable, pointy-like hooks in the lower case letters c, d, or a.

This "stinger" indicates a love-hate relationship with strong-willed members of the opposite sex. It's funny, even though you have a compelling attraction towards these strong individuals, you often create little challenges throughout the relationship to test their strength.

This unconscious pattern often stems from your childhood, and your relationship with your opposite gender parent.

Well, that certainly explains alot, and here I thought I was just enjoying a challange, with my RB of an Ex. Though they are somewhat near the mark on the part about my father, we used to argue over everything just for fun and as a strange way of bonding. Something my mother never understood.

Regarding letter size... you clicked "Medium".

Because your writing is neither really large or small, then we know you are not as intense as those who write really small... nor are you as flighty as those on the other extreme. You fall into the middle-of-the-road on this character trait. Now that's good to know, though I can actually be very intense under the right circumstances, and when I'm full blown manic I can be very very flighty.

Slant reveals "emotional outlay". (How you react emotionally to the situations with which you're faced.) And concerning the letter slant of your sample, you chose "Midway between vertical and hard right-slant".

Your emotional outlay is exactly halfway between an introvert and an extrovert. So you have the best of both worlds: the ability to think logically and make hard decisions... and at the same time, you can still be very emotional. Which means that you can spend time (and get along) with different personality types.

You're an expressive person, and aren't afraid to show your emotions outwardly. And you probably cry when you hear a sad story. You can be kind, friendly, affectionate, and considerate of others. And even put yourself in the other person's shoes. When convincing you to buy a product or an idea, a sad story could get the sale... when logic might not accomplish anything.

Sadly its true, sometimes. I have a hard time with a good sob story. And I can get along with ALMOST anybody.

Looking at the letter "i", you chose "i-dot is just about normal".

This is a good trait to have, because it shows loyalty... a solid commitment to stand by those people or ideals in which you truly believe.

Hey I'm normal, who'd a thunk it. I'd like to hope that I am loyal to my friends and my beliefs, if I'm not then I'm a hypotwit.

The letter "o"... this is a very insightful letter. When you picked "Open at the top, with or without loops", that told me that you LOVE to talk.

You give your opinion on anything and everything. As a matter of fact, you volunteer your opinion even when it isn't asked for. Because you can't stop talking, people may refer to you as "motor-mouth".

If you're single, and considering matrimony... I suggest you look for someone who's rich, beautiful, and STONE DEAF. You'll make the perfect couple!

Okay, some of you need to shut up now, and you know who you are. I'm not that talkative, but yes in the right crowd, I don't have trouble expressing myself, unless its personal or deeply serious.

When I asked about the shape of the tops of the humps in the letters "m" and "n", you chose "Rounded on top".

This let's me know that you're a "Cumulative Thinker"... you take the time to gather all the facts before you make decisions. I'll bet you read EVERY word of the instruction manual before you start a project. Good for you!

But there's also a downside to having very rounded humps... 30 minutes AFTER the argument is over... you think of what you should have said DURING the discussion! Don't you hate it when that happens?

Well I don't always read all of the instructions, but yes often, esepcially if its something new, I definately do. And as for the thinking of what I should have said after the fact, oh do I ever.. I hate it when that happens.

When I asked you how high the t-bar is crossed on the stem of the letter "t", you chose "Low".

A low t-bar indicates a lack of confidence and a fear of failure. Self-esteem is YOUR cumulative opinion of your self-worth. Early in life, someone in whom you had confidence may have led you to feel that you had little worth... and you bought what they were saying!

That's NOT true! You're unique in this world, and have gifts and abilities that your family and friends need. If you fail to recognize this basic truth, then everyone loses! Stop crossing your t-bars so low. Put them high on the stem... and start thinking like the champion you can be. A healthy self-esteem is your most precious asset. It's critical to physical and mental health... and to your success in life, both professionally and socially.

Low self-esteem is the root cause behind the "self-sabotage" behavior so many of us subconsiously inflict upon ourselves. It ruins careers and destroys marriages or relationships.

If this describes your life... GET HELP! (Check the link at the bottom of this analysis)

Remember... "If you think you can... you're right. If you think you can't ... you're also right!"

You get out of life, exactly what you expect to get.

That's the trouble, and way to close to the mark. I'm my own worst critic.

This is a great trait! Concerning your lower case t's, the last question deals with the TILT of the t-bar. You chose "Upward toward sky"... which tells me that you're optimistic, always looking toward the future, and a self-starter. Optimism is one key trait of successful and happy people.

Sooo I'm an optimist, with serious self esteem issues, well I am bipolar after all.. hehehe.

Wow! Concerning your y's and g's, you chose "Extra LARGE loop"

. This tells me that you have a very active imagination. Character traits associated with large loops include: gullible, great story-tellers... and big sex drive! You like variety in your life... and you get bored very easily. And, if you also press extra hard on the writing surface, you probably have a very strong sex drive!

Let's review... a need for variety, a big imagination, AND a strong sex drive. I hope you have a imaginative partner... who can keep up with you in the sack. If not, you might want to consider keeping a spare somewhere close!

Just kidding!

I can barey handle the ex I have, I certainly don't need any more. I love writing and telling stories, but I hope I'm not gullible. I love variety, but sadly I'm very easily bored. As soon as I get reasonably good at something I'm ready to move on. AS for the rest of it, I'm keeping my mouth shut.

When I asked you if the first letter of your signature was larger than the other letters, you indicated that it was.

This tells me you have a very strong "ego". And I mean ego in a good way... it takes an strong sense of self-importance to get things done and demand that the world give you what you deserve.

The larger-than-average letters in your signature indicate a tendency to show the world your self-assured and confident side. The bigger the letters... the stronger the ego.

Soo I'm confidant and lacking in self-esteem? Good thing I have these online tests to tell me these things. No wonder I'm so confused.

Handwriting Analysis courtesy of HandwritingLady

Tonight Warren and I spent 2 hours watching Vin Diesel beat up and army of Half dead Aliens (trust me it makes that much sense on screen too), who want him dead too, because the good guys think he is there only hope. (I was just waiting for Judi Dench to announce she was his mother (she didn't so its not a spoiler). Of course the tough kid who pretended to be a boy in Pitch Black and had a crush on him, is back all grown up, and still tough only now she's sexy and legal. (Of course they had to make her sexy, I guess bald women with foul mouths just aren't a turn on). And they left with the prerequisite open ending, meaning, if this makes enough we'll turn out a sequal. Overall, I was eh. It wasnt' a bad movie, but it certainly wasnt' worth the full movie price or standing in line. It qualifies as good dollar theatre action flick. It had good effects and cool action, but more plot holes than a discarded fish net. I didn't know that a few rocks could shade you from a sun that brings the planet surface to 300 F? Did you? Did you know you can run from the sun? Me either.But it was a good way to kill a couple hours on a Friday night, after a very stressfull week. There is something quite relaxing about watching fictional people beat the crap out of each other in totally cool, yet completely unreaslistic fight scenes. (my employer is trying to turn our work place into Stepford Inc, and I just don't want to play that stupid game. I'm waiting for them to come up with perky detector to measure if we sound happy enough - ugh!!) Or maybe I'm just strange that way. Didn't all little kids get bummed when Wile E. Coyote would get up again? Or am I the only one who wanted to see him get smucked and stay smucked. And no I'm not deranged. Not much anyway, I mean doesn't everybody find senseless violence to be relaxing and destressing. Okay shutting up now.

At least Warren had a good time, he loved watching Vin Diesel crack heads and beat up bad guys, so he is a happy camper, my favorite little movie buddy.

I got a real kick out of him, when he asked if my friends were comming too and I told him no. He started cheering. I asked him why.

"Because you guys stand around too long afterwards talking about things that dont' make any sense
Gotta love the kids honesty, if not his tact.

Yesterday I apparently stepped thru a Way-Back machine with out knowing it. One minute I'm driving down the road after work, and the next thing I know I'm face to face with a VW bus, complete with required hippy paint job, (flowers, light colors, the works) straight out of 1969. Talk about your double takes. I didn't get a good look at the people in it, but it wouldn't have suprised me to see them in cut offs, love beads, flowers and a reefer passing back and forth, with a peace sign hanging from the mirror). Its a good thing there wasnt' much traffic at the time, as the double take I did could have had disasterous results.

Another addition to the What Were they thinking? Files Did you know there is a town called Flippin AR. I didn't either until I talked to a lady from there who gave me a half serious what for when I couldn't help but laugh at the name of her city. I mean of all the names I can think of for a town, that never would come to mind. I wonder if the founder just got stuck there and wanted to make a point of stating how they feel about their state, but knew the alternative would never make it into print. Either that, or somebody has one heck of a sense of humor and the persuaviness to get a town full of people to go with it.

So that gives me some ideas for other town names I'd like to see, StuckUp NY; Shaken CA, Backward MS, Frozen AK, Nowhere ND, Empty WY, I could go on... the possibilities are just endless. Why name a city after some important person or landmark, when you can use it to make a political statement about your homestate. I love it.

I'm running out of brain power so I think I'll end this entry with a hilarious bumper sticker a friend of mine posted on a board I help moderate.

I love God! Its His fanclub I'm not to crazy about.


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