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Lazy Lazy Lazy

Thursday, May. 20, 2004 @ 4:34 pm
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I must be sleep deprived or comming down with something or maybe its just the depression but I swear I could sleep 24 hours straight, if I didn't have responsiblities. I got up this morning no problem and made Warren a guilt breakfast - French Toast, Ham and grapefruit (Don't look at me like that the kid loves grapefruit). Then after dropping him off at school I picked up a soda and a paper. I came home took a few sips of soda and read the paper. Next thing I know I'm waking up and its after 12 noon. WTF? And if I wouldn't have had to meet with his staff at school at 2pm I probably would have rolled over and went back to sleep.

I talked to his staff at school and the final arrangements are in place, Warren will be going to a differnt school next year, becaue they don't have that program at our school. He will be in a self contained classroom with about 8 other kids and 1 teacher and two para's (who have yet to be hired at this point yet - gotta love how this school works. They've been promising us this for over a year now). I think in the long run it will be good for Warren. The reduced stress of the environment will make it easier for him to behave and learn. I'm just afraid he isn't going to see it that way.

I brought up the idea to him sort of today after school with out telling him alot. He wasn't thrilled with the idea.

I just want to be a regular kid. I don't want to be in a special program.

I hear the kid, and I feel for him, but sometimes a traditional classroom is just too much for him to handle. He has the intelligence, if not the reading skills, he just seems to lack the emotional ability to handle the stress in a manner that won't get him in trouble. I'm just not sure how to handle this with Warren. When I was talking to him today, something he said to me really struck a chord.

Is this one of those things, where you are asking how I feel about it, even though I'm not going to have a choice in the matter?

The kid is way to smart.. and he does have a point. But this is only one year (his 5th grade year) and then he will be moving to the middle school (EEEK!!) with all the other 6th graders from our school district, as even though West Fargo has four elementary schools we currently have one middle school and one high school. Though they are getting so big, the school district is looking at changing that, but havne't decided for sure how yet.

In other news I also got a letter from the RB today. IT was addressed to Warren, but as snoopy mom of course I opened it first. Along with the forms for telephone contact he sent Warren a nice card and some folded paper airplanes that some other inmate folded. But the letter is what was the kicker. Most of it was just normal father son type stuff (well as normal as it gets when dad is in prison because he's an idiot who can't get his act together) but one part of it was a real kicker.. and I quote:

I am sending a paper you and your Mom need to fill out so I can call on the phone. I have been trying to call many (11 - scratched out) times but itis always busy. It is caring more about her self and her stupid star wars crap as usual. I will keep trying , hopefull I will get through.

Fuck him. It has nothign to do with that. If I don't recognize the caller ID I DO NOT ANSWER!! Also I am not going to stay off line every night all night on the chance he might grace us with his voice. Fuck that shit. My life will not revolve around him. I will fill out the forms, adn we will go on living our lives and will call him when Warren feels like it. Warren can speak to him when ever he wants, I however want nothing to do with him and hope he burns. Not only does he expect us to live our lives around him, but he has the gall to refer to me as IT!! I hope he rots that worthless excuse of a sperm donor. Bastard..

Angry much??

You better believe it


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