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Bad mommy day

Wednesday, May. 19, 2004 @ 11:31 pm
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Now I know summer is on its way, we just had our very first tornado warning of the summer. Remind me again why I still live here.

I finally attacked the dishes tonight. I have seen some disgusting things in my life, but these dishes were gross enough to make the folks from CSI gag on their burgers. Donna Reed I so am NOT. I'm lucky if I can stay one step ahead of not having clean underwear or a plate to eat on. (well okay only sometimes).

Tony Randall passed away last night. Even though the man was in his 80's he left behind two small children, and a life time of great comedy. Thanks to Kerri (a girl I went to school with from k-12) I can still sing the song to Love, Sydney like it just ended yesterday. She was a sweet kid, but she had a habit of singing that song everyday all day long over and over again for about a month, until everybody was ready to smack her. That fact that almost 20 years later I can still remember the lyrics to the theme song for a series that lasted two years and to my knowledge has never been in reruns, is testament to something. He was a great talent, and will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace.

Today has also been a very bad mommy day. Warren had a good day at school, despite a couple rough spots, due to the fact that right now everything seems to be more intersting and more important thatn coming into do homework, or eat supper. Tonight he came home from daycare in a good mood, and for most of the night was fine. I made French Toast (or do I have to call it Freedom toast- lest I offend somebody -- snicker snicker-- raspberry sounds ) for dinner cause I was in a egg and bread kind of mood and out of cheese. He was fine and I thought it was just another night here in crankyland. I should know by know thoughts like that are what get me in trouble.

After the tornado warning and mini downpour had passed, Warren wanted to go for a walk. Okay, I had no problem spending some time wiht my son, he's quite the cool kid when he wants to be. Howeve tonights lets go for a walk suggestion was only a ruse, becaue he wanted to get me to take him for a pop. When I told him no, well Good Grief, I might has well threatened to burn his bead and make him sleep naked on the roof. Suddenly I was evil mom from hell, who makes Joan Crawford look like June Cleaver. Warren had a fit.

When the Whine and Cheese chorus failed to produce the desired response he switched to Let's Make a Deal mode, only he wasnt' likeing any of the deals. Finally I made him a deal, but by then I was so angry, that any sense of good parenting was on its way out the window. I dont' know what bug found its way up my butt, but I just lost it on him. The stealing, the lies, the constant whine and cheese chorus, the inability to process the word no, or any of its cousins. I'm sure the kid felt like he got hit by hurricane Mom.

After we got back from Wally World I went in the house and he stayed in the van. I assumned he just wanted some time alone to chill. But when 30 minutes passed adn he didn't come in I got worried. I finally went out to find him only to find him still seat belted into the van and fast alseep. Kid must have been really tired or something. I got him to walk up to the house and get to bed. (at his age, if I tried to carry him, I'd need an ambulence come carry me away with a backboard). About another half hour or so I checked on him to find him half on half off the bed with the sheet only half on. I got him up long enough to fix the sheets and then tucked him in. At least I'm off tommorrow so he can sleep in a bit longer.

Now I just feel horrible. I am so sick of the constant battles. I dont' expect him to instantly listen every time I tell him something, but I am so sick of all the drama. I still have the charts from Access and we've been following the program mostly, but I seem to have lost the keeping track part of it. I don't know what the answer is, but I'm sure drive by parenting is not the solution. It just makes him more upset and angry and confused and leaves me feeling like hell.

Today marks the one month mark until his 11th birthday. 11 years ago that I gave birth. Where has the time gone? I couldn't wait for him to grow up when he was little and now that he is older, often times I find myself wishing I was back to those older simpler times, that didnt' seem like it at the time. Life is strange sometimes, that is for sure.


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