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He's all about the music

Wednesday, May. 19, 2004 @ 12:40 am
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I changed my layout again, sort of. I hope to eventually change it more, but its late and I'm lazy.

Today the mercury was over 80, currently its about 60. A couple days ago, it was in the 30's at night and 40's during the day. Lets hear it for yo-yo weather.

It looks like I won't have to worry about Alex spending the night or wanting to spend the night for awhile. After the stunt I found out he and CJ (another kid down the street, Andrew's brother - I gotta get a cast list) pulled, I doubt he'll be leaving the house, other than school for a long long time. Its seems these adventerous third graders with all their brilliance decided to play hooky from school. Only they weren't bright enough to realize if you hide out at the park across from the bus stop you will be found, by the cops who come looking for you, after the school calls your parents who will then freak out. Sometimes you just have to wonder what goes thru these kids heads. At least Warren hasn't tried THAT stunt- yet. After the talk we had today, I don't think he will. By the time I got done with him, school would seem like heaven on Earth.

You have to read TheProcess today if you haven't already. How that man got to be leader of the free world is beyond me. I think I've over dosed on my daily requirement of bad irony for the day.

Warren's newest obsession seems to be with speakers. I don't know what it is with guys, with a small room the size of his, two speakers would be plenty. Not my son, he has decided to take speakers out of the garage (not counting the one's he's pimping out to the neighborhood kids), and he ripped the one off the wall that was under the tv, from when RB decided to wire the house. When he cranks that dang stereo up, the neighbors windows rattle for blocks. I've lost count of the times I've yelled at him to turn it down (which comming from a child of the 80's is quite a head scratcher). I keep expecting the Party Patrol (FM's answer to underage drinking etc...) to show up at my doorstep because of the noise. He's already on probation. I had to cut the power to his room for a couple minutes just so he could hear me. Lately he's just all about the music. Another sure sign Teenitis is just around the corner. I am so not ready.

ACK!! Its after midnight.. Definately time for me to go to bed.


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