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Just another day here in hell

Wednesday, May. 12, 2004 @ 8:35 pm
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Sometimes you just know in the first 15 minutes of a day that it is going to be "one of THOSE days". Today was most definately such a day.

I knew the minute I first opened my eyes I should have just stayed in bed. Apparently when Warren shut of my alarm yesterday he never turned it back on, and I never checked it, assuming that it was still on like I always leave it.

Normally I get up at about 6:30 or so. I have to be to work at 8:30 and I usually drop Warren off at school by 8am. That is how it works, normally. That is not how it worked today. Nope, sans alarm I wake up notice it is a bit too sunny out, and then as my eyes finally focus I catch the time ------7:49am. Have you ever tried to get a ten year old boy up and dressed and out the door in ten minutes, while trying to get yourself dressed as well? Let me tell you, ten minutes is not enough time, but we managed to do it somehow. Only today was the day when my van, which only likes to start on the first turn when the inside has reached temperatures too high for human habitation, decided it had other ideas that didn't involve starting up on a cold wet morning, just because I was late and needed it to start now. But after about 15 - 20 minutes of arguing with it, I finally convinced it that it was in its best interest to start.

Of course at this point Warren announces he isn't going to go to school unless he gets something to eat. Why he waited until now, instead of grabbing a banana off the table before he left I'll never know. But I do know my kid doesn't function well if he is hungry and in trying to keep the peace so he could have good day, I made a run to the Stop and Go for some sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches and some Mt.Dew. Then I looked at the clock. Fruck!! It was already 8:30. And did I mention I have to be to work at 8:30? And did I mention Warren had math to finish that he was supposed to finish early this morning? Yes! This is not starting out to be a good day.

Then I finally get to work at a quarter to nine. By then I remember that Warren has an appointment at 2Pm, which fortunatley I have off, to leave early for. So I do my work thing, fortunately I didn't have any stupid people for once, which was amazing when one considers how my day was going. At 1:17 I finally punch out and by some miracle my van started up with out fussing this time, but was still being tempermental. I make it to Warren's school and look at the clock in the office, 1:45. How the heck did it take me 20 minutes to drive 5 miles? Then after waiting forever for Warren to come, we finally leave only to be greeted by Main Avenue's consruction from hell, which I totally forgot about. I get to the appointment right on time, only to find out that I once again spaced out, adn the appt was actually at 10am this morning. My 2 o'clock was May 4th, which I totally spaced out. Can you tell I am seriously stressing? I rescheduled the one appointment, and will have to reschedule the other one later, as his doctor wants to call and talk to me first. No doubt because I've been such a space cadet lately. I have missed the appointment before as well.

Ground Control to Holly, come in Holly!!

So then after we do a couple errands and go home, I am relaxing only to be greeted at the door by the maillady at 5pm. (our mail is nothing if not perpetually late) with the certified letter from hell (I'll go into that another time). My son is now going thru his laundry list of excuses for delaying bed time, and I am in desperate need of some gratuitous violence. I think this weekend will be Pitch Black, Kill Bill vol 1, and any other movie I can think of that I haven't seen yet, which is sure to have lots of explosions and mayhem. If I can't do any of that stuff in real life, I might as well do it vicariously thru my television.

With the hormones going on right now, its the only thing between me and going postal. Have I mentioned I am also retaining water like Boulder Dam. My feet look like foot shaped balloons. Even Warren commented, that I looked all puffy like I was full of water. So much for buying new shoes anytime soon. Someone dread menopause. Me? I'm counting the days. I'm so sick of periods, I ready to get birth control just to get rid of them. I'm not seeing anybody (like I need THAT headache), but I also have zero desire to have anymore kids. I am sick of the hormones and the monthly nuttiness that goes with it.

Maybe I'll just go see Van Helsing again. Hugh Jackman can cure alot of things.


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