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More joys of raising boys

Monday, Apr. 12, 2004 @ 8:54 pm
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Easter is over. Can I get a hallilujah from the chorus? Actually it wasn't that bad of an Easter. I did have to put up with a half hour visit to the Cass County Corrections so that Warren could see his poor excuse for a father, but then we went out to the Royal Fork and ate like pigs, and then went to see Home on the Range at Wasted Acres.

As Disney Movies go I would give it about a 7.5 out of 10 stars. It was cute and had some funny places, including some jokes that would go over the kids heads, but without being crude. I would say for kids 4 and up it would be a great flick, and of course it has the required Disney happy ever after happy fluffy bunny land ending. (This IS Disney after all). Warren loved it. I loved it because I found $11 on the floor. Yes I know I should have returned it and to be honest were it a larger amount I wouild turn it in, but this wasnt' in a wallet and it had no way to identify it other than what seat of what movie it was in. I'm sure karma will find me anyway.

After Home on the Range Warren and I were still too full to eat so we came home and lounged on the couch and watched School of Rock. Man I wish I could have seen that in the theatre. You can tell Jack Black had to hold back (hey a rhyme) in places, but as the mother of a ten year old wanna be musician I found it a riot, with cute ending. Okay yes it was predictable, but it was new twist on the old formula and the rock references were great.

Speaking of the demon child I took some pictures of his rearranged room. I have yet to convince him, that shoving things where ever is handy, including floor space does not equal putting the away.

view from the door

The lighting in it is bad, as I have a cheapo digicam, but you can get the idea pretty good. You can see the mirror against the shelf and where the chair is is where his desk is. On the right side is his bed.

view from standing next to his bed

As you can see here, his dresser is so piled high with assorted I don't wanna know whats that you can't really see in the mirror. You can also see the laptop, on the desk. Like a future fan boy he already has the Leia in a bikini in front of Jabba wallpaper up(You can't see it in the picture at all though, it looks black). We are going to have to have a long talk, a very very long talk. (the lovely joys of raising boys.)

Lets hope I actually get some sleep tonight. Warren is having is very first sleep over. One of his friends, Alex who lives a couple doors down is staying over. He's a sweet kid, but sometimes when the two of them get together, they lead each other into more than temptation. At least its not Andrew. He's another great kid who lives a couple doors down, but when those two get together I fear for the whole neighborhood. My house would never survive. So far they are being good. When they first asked, I said only if Alex's mom says yes, (secretly hoping she would say no for some reason) and hinted maybe Warren could stay there. But a few minutes later, suprise. For tonight I'm mom of two boys. At least his mom is only a block a way in case there is a 3 am attack of homesickness.

Warren has had his meds, and they are both stuffed with mint chocolate chip ice cream. Hopefully they will soon be in sugar induced coma, and not swinging from the light fixtures. They are watching 2 Fast 2 Furious. Because right now my son and his friends are all about cars and guitars and not much else. Its a good thing I was a tomboy and not a girly-girl. If I was an uber-fem, I would never survive life with Warren. Even as a tomboy who grew up around cars and junk, I don't quite get the ultra addiction to cars and anything else with an engine. Wish me luck. If I'm still alive in the morning and the house hasn't fallen apart, I'll give you the final tally.


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