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The Bitch is Back

Sunday, Mar. 28, 2004 @ 12:07 am
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No I'm not making Richard Simmons jokes. I'm referring to myself. Its been a struggle not to rip off the head of every other person in my line of site today. I think I woke up on the wrong side of the planet or something. Even with Warren I just wanted to snap over every little thing. Poor kid needs his mom, and I'm in one of those moods where I'd prefer to hole up alone.

Even at work, I was crankier than usual, which is saying alot. Though I did get a kick out of being hit on by a guy who said he was in his 90's. I'm all for older men, but I don't have an Anna Nicole Smith complex. He seemed like a cute old codger though, I'm sure he can find some lovely young octogenarian to keep him warm for his last remaining year(s).

But after not seeing Mike for two lovely sweet weeks, he once again managed to piss me off tonight without a word. What kind of idiot takes his kid out at 5:30 pm, brings them back at 9pm and doesn't bother to feed the kid any dinner? Hello, he's not a plant you know, he requires actual food every few hours. So of course I had to make him something, never mind that I'm exhausted and burnt out, and just generally in one of my rather be in bed adn sulk moods. I'm a mom, my needs are second to the rest of the world, and I can't send the kid to bed hungry just because his father has the common sense of goose that just ate fermented feed.

Looking on the bright side, if the last few days are any indication, this abilify stuff is turning out to be all that and a bag of chocolate. Warren's teachers have commented that he is like a different kid, smiling, happy willing to work. Warren states he is not nearly as hungry anymore, and doesn't feel like eating. Please, pray, do a spell, send positive energy, dance around a fire what ever to send the positive energy this way and keep things this way. Its like having my little boy again. Tonight I actually said no to something and he didn't have a melt down or argue with me. He actually accepted it, and dealt with it,then let it go and moved on to something else. Lets hope its not just a fluke.

So far I have close to $100 in the C-III fund (see count down below- Indianapolis here I come) and at least $20 or so in loose change in my cookie jar (I haven't actually counted but its heavy). Not bad for only a couple months. So why am I still in a panic over it? I still want to go to VC-29 in a couple weeks, but since Kevin Sorbo had to back out (agian!) for unknown reasons, and instead they have some guy from the X-files (which I never watch), I'm not sure how much I want to attend. The banquet sounds fun, and the panels are usually always worth it, but I'm just feeling so strapped for cash. I really want to go, but with no sitter, it means paying for two people and Warren just isn't as intersted in the panels. I could leave him home, but I'm not sure how he'd feel on that idea. I just wish October would hurry up and get here, ( VC-30) adn then April 04 (C-III). I am so gonna work my way to becomming a Con groupy if I'm not careful. Imagine the damage I would do if I actually had money to spare.

I am exhausted and I have to work tommorrow, so why am I sitting here writing and looking for not happening posts on my favorite boards while I listen to Conan the Barbarian (every body watch the Governor of California in a fur thong as a Sumerian who speaks perfect English with a heavy Austrian accent. There's realism alright!) when I could be off in dream land. Maybe its because I've been having some seriously wacked out dreams lately. And I do me wacked out First there was a version of SW:EPIII, that was more like something from Pink Floyd meets David Lynch than George Lucas, then before that I had a really lively dream where David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen were duking it out on stage. (Word to the wise guys, I don't give a hoot about your issue, but please fight them out someplace that ISN'T in my head). If I didn't know me, I might wonder what I've been smoking.

This however was perfectly on!

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