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With a personality like that, somebody better warn her sister to look out for low flying houses!

Thursday, Mar. 25, 2004 @ 1:12 pm
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Let it never be said that people in Fargo don't have a sense of humor. Sometimes even here in ND we have some really stupid criminal stories that are just to funny for words.

Seminole was caught on foot after being surrounded by about 10 officers in an open area 500 yards south of the Cass County Jail, 450 34th St. S., police said.

“At least he was running in the right direction for us,” Laney said.

Its nice to know the criminals are now helping the police out, by running towards the jail instead of away from it like any self respecing hood.

In other news, my brief unexpected brush with fame, seems to have had no long lasting consequences except to show me that I really can run that fast, with out fire being involved. Not a single real life person who didn't already know about my diary seems to have found it, and I seem to have picked up massive hits from it. Even if I discount the googlers looking for things like "swear like that" (like what?) or the really brilliant person using google to find "Bizarre + Odd Google search" (I wonder if google has a sense of irony) and the people who normally read this diary when I update it, there are still large numbers of hits I can't otherwise account for, except for the article and my being listed as as ND blog. (Go Dakota!)

Back on the home front, Warren had his appt with his counselor Dr. W. I think it went pretty well considering we almost didn't make it because my van, aka the 20 year old, rusted out, money pit on bald tires, decided today that it wanted to have tantrums (apparently it doesnt' like the cheap gas and thinks I should spend the extra 20 cents a gallon for the good stuff) and wouldn't start until I practically flooded it (and as much gas as I gave it, any other car would have been screaming for mercy), then it decided to run in fits and starts rather closely resembling a pissed off toddler being dragged to his room against his will by an equally pissed off mother.

If I hadn't just put $7 of gas (okay techinally E-85 which has never given me a problem before) into it yesterday I would have thought he was running on empty. Then add in the fact that yesterday he nearly gave me a heart attack by deciding that he would continue to accelerate even when I no longer had my foot on the gas peddle. I had to push the break all the way down then hit the emergency brake with my other foot and then finally once I got to stop shoved it in park and tried to remember how to breathe.

I strarted back up again not daring to drive over 30 miles an hour and it seemed to cooperate this time. I made it home with my son, and didn't have any accidents or near misses. Then today I go to start it and once again it decided to teach me another lesson about depending on it. Amazingly enough when it was time to go home, it started fine and ran perfectly. I'm still deciding if I need to take it to a mechanic or an exorcist. Maybe I'll just sell it, I'm sure I could find somebody to take it.

"He has lots of peronality, and could be a great second vehicle, and if you have any excess cash, he'll be more than happy to help you get rid of it. "

You'll notice I refer to this vechicle as "he" instead of the more tradional "she". I'm convinced it is a male vehicle, well probably because if the stupid thing were human it would be my ex. What is it with me, even the vehicles I buy fall into the lovable bad boy who will soon drive you nuts and make you miserable catagory. I think somebody is trying to tell me something, and I really don't want to hear the message.

Now if you'll excuse me there is a sink full of dishes crying to be washed, laundry that is walking out the door under its own power, and a fourth grade snack time economy about to crumble if I don't make sure to "always have these cookies and don't ever change your recipe mom". Who knew peanut butter oatmeal cookies would be so popular just by adding mini chocolate chips and mini M&M's to the dough? They've become so hot according to my son, that one cookie can fetch and entire package of pop-tarts, or a can of pop, my little entrapeneur is cleaning up. I'm thinking of asking him for a commission, except I hate pop tarts, but I hear Joe's mom makes a really great brownie, maybe we can make a deal.

This however doesn't suprise me at all.

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    In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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