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They don't tell you these things in the parenting books

Sunday, Mar. 07, 2004 @ 12:11 pm
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This makes me very happy. I'm so glad that story had a happy ending. It could have very easily had a very bad ending.

It is one reason why I firmly believe that while kids do deserve a certain amount of privacy as they grow older, that checking up on them and keeping close track of what they are doing is not snooping, it is good parenting. My son is too young to be fully aware of just how much danger really lurks out in the real world. He still believes that he is immune to it, and that he can protect himself. He is typical of many kids his age in that respect, like me at that age, he is still of the belief that bad things only happen to other people.

Its a constant struggle, I want him to enjoy his naivete and innocence as long as possible, because once its gone you can never get it back. However I also want him to be safe, and that requires being aware of the darker side of life. I let him on the internet and I know soon he will want to have his own chat name, and start meeting people. That scares me. He goes on the internet now, but I know enough to know what he see's and exactly what he goes to. I also have the computer in my room, not just for convience sake, but also so I can make sure to watch everything he does.

I know when he gets older, he won't like my looking thru his stuff, and contrary to how I am sure this sounds I don't believe in constantly checking thru all of his stuff. I do believe in a right to a certain amount of privacy, but I also have a right to know what he is up to. I am the mom, and protecting him is part of my job description.

He is only ten and this is already becomming an issue. Normally I would only think to look in his stuff, if I had a reason to suspect something was up. He is not an adult, he is a child, who is starting on the path to becomming an adult. Its a tough call to make sometimes.

But I implore parents, if you have kids, know what they are up to, who they hang out with. If they are online, check the history, see where they are going, run searches know who they are talking to. Kids often over estimate thier ability to handle things, and they can be easily tricked by a cunning adult with evil thoughts on his mind. I would much rather be a snoop whose child is mad about an invasion of privacy, than one of those parents who has no idea where their child is, or no idea of just what thier kid is really up to.

On other notes, Warren seems to have recovered mostly from his bout of what can only be described as the male version of PMS. One minute he was my sweet lovable boy, the next minute he was having a major meltdown because I didn't drive fast enough, or I made potatoes on purpose when I should know he had them at lunch for school adn some kid got sick, and I just want to make him angry. There for awhile I didn't know what was up. He would just errupt over everything. Nothign was good enough or right enough, and he seemed to think everybody else was responsible for making sure he had what he needed and got his work done. Apparenlty this hormone surge seems to have passed, relatively quickly and with out me putting a "kid for sale" sign on the front lawn. Of course his dad has also been away for over a week, except for a couple minutes here and there. That may have had something to do with it.


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