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I hate this connection

Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2004 @ 9:59 pm
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Once again I find myself getting dropped just as I click on submit. GRRR ARRGGG. My aim was working fine, but suddenly IE can't find anythign. WTF??

If it happens again, I think people in HI will be hearing the scream.

Today Warren had two doctors appointments. One at 11am and the other at 5pm. Fortunately I had the day off. This meant. Getting him up and off to school. Then comming home, taking my shower and didling on the net for a bit. Then pick him up and take him to his first appointment. That was the plan. My tire had other ideas. We get to the car and Warren points out to me, "Hey mom your tires flat". I think its just low and plan to go to the station after I drop him off. WRONG. He wants to go with and help. I drop him off anyway. Then head for the station. Thankfully it was close, by the time I got there, I was practically driving on rims. Needless to say the tire was shot. At least the guy at the shop was really nice and replaced it with a used one for only $12. That shop used to be such a rip off, but now they have new management and they are fanfreakingtabulous.

Fortunately it (his appointment) went great (thanks to some threats and bribery). After his appointment since I was already downtown, we ran to the bank and then I rewarded him with Subway. (His favorite fast food). Afterwards he wanted to get his hair cut. He says his hair (head) is itchy, especially if he wears a cap. Reluctantly I agreed to let him get it cut the way he wants. I am now the proud mother of Velcro Head. He loves it. Thats enough for me. Its not permanent and its his head. I have bigger battles to fight than how he wants to cut his hair. I'm just thankful he isn't into mullets. He decided he wants to get his ear pierced in couple years after all (shock to me. I only asked him because the subject came up in AIM with A-G. Suprised me to hear that, but I'll cross that bridge when it comes up. Personally as long as its done in a safe clean place I don't have a problem with it. Unlike a tatoo, if he changes his mind later its easy to undo. The less I fight with him over these little things, the more he will listen and cooperate with me when it really matters.

After taking him back to school I swung by Office Max to pick up some jewel cases. (we are cd making fools). And I also found the printer that was out of stock last week, back in stock and on sale. So we finally have a printer. Its a cheap one, but a good one, and color too. Now I have to really think hard to find an excuse for not getting out of Vitamin Hell and into a job I don't loathe.

Then tonight after school we had to go to another appointment. Since we had extra time I swung to the Golden Arches for frozen dairy goodness. We still ended up being way early which meant I had to keep him occupied and entertained lest he get bored and snap happy. After his appointment it was snowing. Not blizard nasty snowing, but beautiful slow big flakes like on a Christmas card snowing. Excluding the slipperiness of the roads it was gorgeous. In spite of how I sometimes complain this states really has some beautiful points, especially some of our scenery.

Then on the way home we stopped at Wally World, where Warren proceeded to start pitching a fit when we left because I wouldn't buy him a new cd. I am sick of buying him stuff that is "oh so important" when he first gets it, but then quickly becomes so much junk as he looses interest. I've had enough. NO MORE!! He did not like that idea.

But the T-Gel shampoo I bought really seems to be helping. He has a case of dandruff, I never noticed before his buzzcut. For the first time tonight he went to bed with out complaining that his head itches. I am going to have to look into seeing if they have related soaps or such for the rest of him.

We also have a new video camera in the house, but dont' get too excited as its not mine. Its part of the Access of the Red River Valley program I am working with, to find some better ways of handling Warren and his various issues. So for the next couple of weeks we are tapings 15 - 20 minutes bits and pieces of the day. I like the idea of Warren seeing himself on tape. Warren is not thrilled with the idea of taping himself at all. I actually got the last part of Warren's fit on tape. I can't wait to see his face when he watches himself. I hope this will help me with some better ideas. I have already told him flat out if he does't clean up the living room (toys galore) he will soon find them gone. I am sick of it. Saturday they will be adios, if there is not some changes made. I'm better than my mom, she wouldn't have even said anything. Just gathered them up and hid them.

I cannot wait till I can get DSL. I have been disconnected three times since I started typing this entry...


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