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Calling the Parking Police

Sunday, Jan. 04, 2004 @ 4:11 pm
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Yes I love this template much better. And it didn't take all that long to do.

Tommorrow school starts again, not that I am not counting the hours while Warren is having a dread attack. I can't wait.

I also learned that if you are going to watch a movie that is third in a series make sure the person who you are watching with has seen the other two. Explaining the first two Terminators to someone who has no idea who John and Sarah Connor are is not as easy as it sounds. And despite how much I love the Terminator movies it is not the easist story to explain in 1 minute, with out sounding totally stupid. "You see the orginal Terminator was a bad guy sent back in time by the machines to kill Sarah Connor before she could give birth to her son, only she had no idea was going to have a son, and then the guy John sent back to stop his mother from being killed, ended up being his father and getting killed. then later he sent the same model back as a good guy and they blew up Skylab, but it didn't work and ...." Trust me, they will look at you like you just started making up your own language. At least my son did.

At least I got to enjoy POTC.. Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom save me major money on my heat bill. We still have lots of movies to watch also, though my son refuses to sit thru Bend it Like Beckham, as ten year old boys have no love for "movies about girls".

And just for the record, to whom it may concern, the yellow lines in a parking lot, aren't just there for a suggestion. When you park willy nilly it means less parking for the rest of us. You drive one vehicle, you get one parking spot. Not exactly advanced calculus. Yes I realize that the snow and ice can make it hard, if not impossible to see the lines, but you can still make sure to park the usual distance from the car next to you and not pull up like you own the parking lot.

Only 30 minutes of work left. I promised to buy Warren ice cream if he cleaned the living room. Lets hope he kept his end of the bargain, I'm really craving some Mint chocolate chip right now.


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