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Laugh at your problems, everybody else does or Day 2 Vally Con, and guess who is now in jail

Tuesday, Nov. 04, 2003 @ 11:03 pm
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First of all, so good news finally.. RB called all teary and sorry from the Cass County lockup.. So he won't be able to bug me for a long long time. Did I mention that thanks to him my brother got a nasty letter from the police about not paying a fine, that he never incurred in the first place. I can't remember the last time I was so pissed at someone. Of course he put on the old "you don't know how hard it is, I'm soo sorry, I know I've done so bad.. blah blah blah..poor me.. I will do so much better...." I 've heard that song so many times I know the lyrics by heart.. Pardon me, if I don't get all excited..

Anyway back to Valley Con, which is a much more pleasant subject.

Saturday for me started at 7am, which is unusual in that normally my ass and my bed have a very hard time parting from each other, especially after the unexpected 5am wake up fire alarm. But after my AM Hayden fix I was ready to go.

Once we got up and ready and straighten up the room we opened for business. She got Michael Romke to sign her copy of I, Vampire. I stayed and babysat the suite during that.. And while A* left to go see to NERO (which is sort of a role playing type thing). Then I got to go as Walter Koenig was doing meet and greet. Unfortunately I read the schedule wrong and didn't realize he was also doing a presentation, talk.. I found out later when a fellow Trek fan came in the room and showed me her signed copy of Checkov's Enterprise.. I have that book, but even after tearing my house apart I can't find it. Warren had a great time, swimming and checking out the LAN party, and he also got to catch the mideveal fighting demonstration, which he thought was really cool. I also spent way to much time in the dealer room. I had to get wallet was screaming in pain. There were just too many things to want, too many beautiful things, cool collectibles, not to mention talking to some really cool people.

Later I did get to see another talk with Walter on being an actor.. have I mentioned that the man has some hilarious stories.. I will never be able to watch the scene's inside the Klingon Transport in in STIV again, with out thinking of Katherine Hepburn.. (you had to be there). He had so many funny stories..and pretty much confirmed what many of us think of Mr. EgomaniacShatner, though he didn't come right out and say it. He was a real delight, and a very sweet man.

Then later it was the Lets trash GL and the prequelWhat the Hell is wrong with George Lucas. I didn't stay very long in that one, none of my fellow defenders even bothered to show up. I ended up giving a dirty look and walking out, with the door shutting harder than needed, so as to avoid leaving my breakfast remains on the floor.

The suite was actually fairly busy most of the day... thought not so much in the afternoon, as it was later after the banquet. I think for next year, I would keep it open later as there seemed to be a little demand for that, especailly on Friday night, which was really just a party night..

The banquet was great, though it took a little longer than we had anticpated for seating. There were some really original and great costumes. Just on Friday and Sat alone, I saw several knights, a platoon of STartFleet officers, a hand ful of klingons, a Dr. Who, a couple of chain mail bikininis, some original creatiions, several horror inspired Halloween costumes, a wizard, a Gandalf, a pirate, and Frankenstien on stilts.. where else..

Dinner was great, and for entertainment the Spainish Inquisistion, which was a funny skit combining Jepordy and Monty Python, with Sci Fi trivia.. There was also a screening of a cool short film, about Batman and the Joker, with the Alien Queen and Predator. It sounds cheesy, but it was a very well made film, with the joker played by non other than Andrew Koenig.. (Walter's son, and for those that remember, Boner from Growing Pains).

After the banquet, we got out of our costumes. A* took over the room and K* and I went to check out the parties. My wrist was really acting up, and I had definately not had enough caffiene, so at the SW party I got whipped, while K* won a cool Luke Skywalker figure. We then tried to come back to our room...

only to discover we couldn't fit. Clearly Princess Bride is quite the hit. That wasn't a total suprise.. I love that film.. it is so classic.."My name is Indigo Montoya.. you killed my father prepare to die" They don't get much more quotable than that, and it is so much more fun to watch movies with a group of like minded people.. its not just a movie its a bonding experience. And I almost saw a cool Dr. Who fan film that the guy who bought me a drink at the Halloween party had a copy of, but we didn't get a chance to see it. After PB, we still had a couple hours so we ran STIV, but I fell asleep.. Warren was tired, but not sleeping, which is not unusual when one considers that he slept until 2pm that afternoon, and didn't eat very much at the banquet.

The honor bar system clearly was a bust, as most people either didnt' get it, or just didn't bother.. and a few didn't bother with the clean up after yourselves part. And then there was Shaggy..

Shaggy, whose real name I don't know, and don't want to know, was named because he looks exactly like the guy on Scooby Doo and eats like him too, except that he likes to whine and mooch, and tell others how they should do things. By the the end, we and Whurld's end, (who did the suite across the hall, which was awesome I hope the pics come out), were ready to beat him senseless. Especially after the closing ceremonies, where he whined and moaned and didn't get the message to "shut the *bleep* up". He was told in everyway, except directly outright.

Saturday we finally got to sleep around 1 or 2 am. It was a great day.

The biggest downfall of today is the fact that I woke up to a white blanket outside.. Go away snow.. I am so not ready.. and we are suppossed to get more.. blech.. I like cold, I don't like snow.. much...

Snow snow, go away.. come back again on Christmas eve.. then melt on Boxing day...and stay away again...

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