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A week of ups and downs

Friday, Oct. 03, 2003 @ 7:06 am
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This has been a week for ups and downs. Tuesday was one of those days where my brain was out for repair. Warren's P*doc appt was that morning. He didn't behave quite as well as I had hoped, but he did calm down afterwards, however it was clear during that he was not thrilled to be there. Then we go to leave and the van won't go. Thinking there was something under my wheels I tried flooring it but that didn't seem to make much difference. Then Warren got out to see what was under me.

A couple minutes later, I hear

"Mom did you take your emergency brake off?"

Ooopps.. My brains first vacation of the day. Then later I was at the library working on posters (flyers really) for Valley Con, unaware that my library time was about up. I had no disk, so while I was able to print it out, I couldn't save anything. Brain vacation number 2.

After picking up Warren we quickly ran downtown to pay off my fine, from the car wreck. (Too lazy to link, scroll back a couple weeks). Before they come after me. They don't take debit cards. So I run to the ATM across the street and then hurry back to pay it off. Oblivious to anything we than hurry home. AT this point Warren was whining about boredowm and begging me to take him swimming at Sunset.. We get home and his friends are there, so no swimming. I go to get my debit card to pay something else (on phone) and poof no card. AS major panic sets in I realize I never fetched it out of the ATM. So we schlep back in a hurry. TT the guy at the bank window. The machine eats the card if its not grabbed in 30 seconds. There was nobody close by. But Dunbar only opens the machine every 2 weeks. They are comming back until Oct 9. "Stupid Stupid stupid me". I am feeling pretty angry at myself by this time.

I remember comming back home and hearing somewhere on the news that a 15 year old girl was hit by a train, trying to cross in front and beat it. I had a talk to my son about safety, he did his usual

"Yes mom I know...I'm not stupid you know.."

"Neither was she I'm sure, but sometimes one moment's bad decision can have major consequences.

The next day at work, I hear more talking about B*. (If you are in the FM area you know. the rest of you it doesn't matter, the family deserves some privacy). What I didn't realize, because of the last name difference is that her mother was one of my supervisors at work. One of the nicer ones. That is when it really hit me.

No matter how much crap happens, or what may happen yet. I can still talk to my son, kiss him good night, laugh at his jokes, tell him I love him. He still has a chance. W*'s daughter no longer has that chance. And I am sure her mother would give anything for one more day.

When I dropped Warren off at school and he was laughing silly about both of our reactions to what he thought was a regular energy drink, but turned out to be a Starbucks double shot expresso. Both of us hate coffee with a passion so it was funny. HE was in such a good mood. As I was driving off, I realized how lucky I was. Just to have this boy, and be his mother and to hear him laugh. So many parents are not hearing their kids laugh on this morning. Then I read about the 2 year old, who's mother just left her alone for almost 3 weeks. (One forgets laundry, or an appointment, one doesn not FORGET a child.. damn druggies). And that made me feel even more like hugging the stuffing out of him.

And over compensating. AFte work I picked him up. He didn't want to leave daycare, because he discovered the joys of Warriorcraft II. But we had to. He needed winter clothes, and I was not missing the season premiere of Angel (Spike's back... yahoooo!!!) for anything. ). I check his notebook, somebody had a very bad ending on his other wise good day.

Shopping was a nightmare. After an hour and half we got one shirt and one sweatshirt. (The trouble with boys is they are future men in disquise..LOL.. just kidding.. he's my light). Get home and then after Angel we split the remaining apple crisp and fought our way thru most of his homework.

He was in a great mood yesterday when I dropped him off, so imagine my suprise when I go to pick him up. He had a really bad day, because he blew up at another teacher and he can't get back to class until he appologixes. HE was also mad because they lost the WCII disk at daycare, and he couldn't resume his saved game.

After chilling a couple hours we had a long talk. I hope I got thru to him. I am freaking at a repeat of last year.

Oh and did I mention RB's been comming by. I don't even want to start on that.


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In every neighborhood there is at least one house that all the neighbors gossip about. This is a diary from the woman who lives in that house. I am a single mother in her mid thirties. I live in North Dakota with my son, Warren.

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